Canucks Rock

By Thursday, April 24, 2014Blog

This was Jobvite’s first year at the British Columbia HRMA event in Vancouver.  It was a great event, packed with awesome content, networking, and technology. From wellness and gamification to assessment and recruiting technologies, the event was lined with different products and services for HR professionals to consider.

Surprisingly, there was only one other recruiting software vendor at the event with more than 50 companies exhibiting. I was at the booth throughout the show and spoke to at least 50 recruiters. Believe it or not, “agencies” was the common answer when I asked how they’re managing their hiring process. This is particularly surprising considering the hiring challenges facing B.C. organizations. Some of the most progressive energy, utilities, technology, and commodities companies operate out of B.C. And the war for talent in British Columbia is real. The increasing demand for specialized talent in these types of industries makes the pool event smaller.

Some of the companies are using an ATS, including a few of our customers who were at the event – shout-out to Gree, Maxxam Analytics, and Achievers. But the vast majority of the recruiting professionals I spoke to are still using an email address to manage the apply process ( The good news is that nearly all of these organizations are also at some stage in the evaluation process of bringing in technology to help with this problem. Particularly the companies with lean recruiting teams, sometimes only 1 or 2 recruiters, talked about how they simply can’t manage the volume of resumes via email. This led to some great discussions about ways to not only manage the hiring process via ATS, but also ways to make better leveraging social recruiting and building talent pipelines. I hope we added value for the attendees. I feel like we did.

Great event full of forward thinking HR professionals – we’ll definitely be back next year!