We make it all work.

Tinkering. And toys.

We want really smart people to build stuff and play games.

Engineering Openings

We welcome geeks.

We seek them out, actually. That’s why our engineers are not only among the brightest talent in the Valley, they’re the brightest in the whole industry. They’re also focused and hard-working, and we reward those qualities with freedom, ownership, and responsibility. Autonomy, after all, breeds innovation.

You make us look good.

We expect great things from great people—so you’ll be tasked with delivering products that keep our customers coming back for more. And you won’t lack for ways to contribute here. Surrounded by like-minded souls, you’ll have a key role in developing Jobvite’s award-winning recruiting platform.

And we make geek look good.

Be honest. There aren’t many places you can debug code, use cool JavaScript frameworks, build innovative products, and play marathon sessions of foosball. Jobvite is a veritable playground for hot new technologies—and you get to hop in the sandbox. (Flip flops are optional.)