The guts of the operation.

Let’s change the face of recruiting. Together.

Every day, the Jobvite Product team has an opportunity to both support and redefine recruiting. We design software for some of the most diverse and innovative companies in the world. But that’s not all that defines us.

Product Openings

We get paid to dream big.

When you’re on the Product team, you’re surrounded by smart, open-minded people who like to build cool stuff. We’re all innovators who like to push buttons, and boundaries, for the greater good of our space. And that makes it easy to deliver quality work worthy of career growth, rewards, and recognition.

Think “Mad Men” meets “Modern Family.”

Our team has an incredible amount of freedom. We literally define what our products do and how they work. We can demo them, support them, and describe them better than anyone. But we’re not all about work. Every day is an adventure, and the only certainty is laughter. We’re a badass group from badass backgrounds—things like architecture, counseling, and pro baseball. Our common bond? A passion for success.

And we only focus on recruiting.

We don’t waste our time on anything else. Why should we? We’re guiding an entire industry, showing companies what’s important, valuable, and relevant. We might be an eclectic bunch, but we obsess about our company and product goals. After all, we create tools that allow recruiters to dominate. And if they’re strong, we’re strong.