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$11 Million? My Oh Mya

5 Ways To Tap Into The Hidden Job Market

Keep interviewing after you hire — because your new employee is still looking around
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58% of young job seekers don’t bother sending a cover letter

How to get a job at: Trek Bicycles

To Be Hired, You First Must Be Found

How Do You Compare? A Look at Today’s Job Seeker
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‘Divided America’ is a myth – @Jobvite 2017 Job Seeker Nation
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Most women don’t do this at work — and it costs them $1 million

Make this mistake at work and you’re likely to make your life miserable

After Hours: Working Late and Second Jobs Are More Common Than Ever
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Is Instagram the New LinkedIn for Young Workers?

The Workforce: Not As Simple as Red or Blue, Male or Female, or Generation

Only half of job seekers negotiate, but those who do usually succeed

Your Employees Are Testing the Job Market

71% of employees are missing out on a simple way to earn more money


3 Ways You’re Letting Your Imposter Syndrome Sabotage Your Career
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5 Effective Techniques for Recruiting Passive Candidates

Want to Keep Your Millennial Employees? You Have to Be Willing to Offer Them This 1 Thing


Is Your Diversity Recruitment Struggling? Maybe You’re Making These Mistakes

5 Steps to Take When Using LinkedIn to Network for a Job

6 Overlooked Ways Small Companies Can Compete for Big Talent

After Sexual Harassment Claims at Uber and Tesla, Is Silicon Valley Prone to Discrimination?
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5 Books That Recruiters Say You Must Read — Even if You Don’t Need a Job

Want The Job? Then This Is The Email You Need To Write


The Job Search Strategy That’ll Make You 15 Times More Likely to Be Hired
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2017 Best Career Apps & Websites To Land Your Next Job

4 Questions Smart People Ask About Side Gigs (So They Don’t Lose Their Jobs)
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If Your New Year’s Resolution Is To Get A New Job, Here’s How

17 of the Best Tools to Find and Interview Remote Candidates

How to Become An Employer of Choice This Year

2017 Hiring trends – How Hirers find scarce Talent in the digital age
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Recruiters Must Take Action to Protect Private Data

How to Deal With an Office Romance Gone Sour
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Follow These 4 Steps To Find A New Job

What You Should Do After Getting Fired

This Is the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Get a New Job

9 Smart Career Moves To Earn A Raise, Get A New Job And More In 2017

This is What Recruiters Look For On Your LinkedIn Profile


After year of acquisitions, what does 2017 hold for job boards?
HR Dive | Tess Taylor | 12/15/2016

What to Do When You Have More Applicants Than You Can Handle
Recruiter | Peter Moore | 12/12/2016

Jobvite’s Survey Reveals Fierce Competition, Evolving Strategies in a Divided Time
Recruiter | Samantha Lococo | 12/8/2016

Secrets From the HR Department: How to Negotiate Your Salary
US News & World Report | Rachel Bitte | 12/8/2016

How These Companies Offer Free Food Without Making Staff Fat
Fast Company | Lisa Rabasca Roepe | 12/1/2016


Why You Need to Think ‘Tools’ When Hiring, Not Just ‘the Job Post’
Entrepreneur | Heather Huhman | 11/28/16

Viewpoint:Searching for a New Job? Mind Your Online Reputation
SHRM | Meg Guiseppi | 11/22/16

Robots and Automation May Not Take Your Desk Job After All
Harvard Business Review | Dan Finnigan | 11/22/16

3 Reasons Why HR is Critical to Your Company’s Success
Entrepreneur | Matt Straz | 11/21/16

A Realistic Plan for Making Peace With a Co-worker You Can’t Stand
The Muse | Rachel Bitte | 11/17/16


How You’re Creating Your Own Talent Shortage
Entrepreneur | Heather Huhman | 10/31/16

The 4 Mistakes Guaranteed to Cost you Your Dream Job
New York Post | Virginia Backaitis | 10/28/16

Fair or Not, Here’s What Recruiters Really Think About You
The Muse | Rachel Bitte | 10/17/16

I Let This Company Analyze My Social Media Profile to See if I’m a Risky Hire. Here’s What it Found.
Business Insider | Peter Farquhar | 10/14/16

New Help for Busy Job Seekers
U.S. News and World Report | Hannah Morgan | 10/12/16

How to Defuse Trump-Style “Locker Room” Talk at the Office
TIME Money | Kristen Bahler | 10/11/16

How Hard Is It To Get A Job? The Power Of Referrals When It Comes To Getting Hired
International Business Times | Lydia O’Neal | 10/5/16


Donald Trump’s social media would doom him in a job interview
CNET | Alfred Ng | 9/30/16

3 Steps To Become A Metrics-Driven Recruiter
ERE | Ronen Shetelboim | 9/29/16

The Cover Letter Refuses to Die
Bloomberg | Rebecca Greenfield | 9/28/16

How Job Seekers Should Respond to Recruiting Trends
U.S. News & World Report | Hannah Morgan | 9/28/16

Job Seekers: What’s on Your Social Profile Can Hurt Your Prospects (Report)
AdWeek | Kimberlee Morrison | 9/27/16

More Recruiters Raising Salary Offers to Close Candidates
SHRM | Roy Maurer | 9/27/16

How to Solve an Office Conflict (Without Relying on HR to Do All Your Dirty Work)
The Muse | Rachel Bitte | 9/19/16

Why Alma Maters Matter Less Than You Think — in a Good Way
Entrepreneur | Dan Finnigan | 9/6/16

What to Expect From the August Jobs Report
The New York Times | Patricia Cohen | 9/2/16


Guiding Your Employee Referral Program with Data
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All Your Tricky Questions About Job Hunting on the Job, Answered
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Hidden Reason Why 90 Percent of Startups Die
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Podcast with Rachel Bitte, Chief People Officer: Job Hunting While at Work

Behind the Explosive Growth of Gig Economy Workers (Infographic)

5 Valid Reasons to Apply for a Temp Job During a Long (Frustrating) Job Search
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Yahoo’s Sale to Verizon Ends an Era for a Web Pioneer
The New York Times

GetApp Releases its List of the Top 25 Applicant Tracking Apps for Q3 2016
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How Happy Job-Hoppers are Growing the Gig Econom
Undercover Recruiter

How Happy Job-Hoppers are Growing the Gig Economy

4 job-search myths that can hold you back from your dream job
Business Journals

All Your Tricky Questions About Job Hunting on the Job, Answered
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The 4 Metrics You Must Track (And What To Do With Them)


What Employers Can —and Can’t — Ask When It Comes to Background Checks

This Is What Happens When Employees Find Meaning at Work

5 Ways to Get Your Résumé Out From Under the Slush Pile
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Having a Professional Presence Online is Crucial
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Sharp Fall in U.S. Hiring Saps Chance of Fed Rate Increase in June
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What to Say and Do When Your Employee Has Another Job Offer
Harvard Business Review

How To Use Snapchat To Get A Job
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4 Steps To Landing A Job Referral Without Any Insider Connections
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Here’s What ‘Employer Branding’ Should Look Like on Company Career Platforms

What About Offboarding?


3 disastrous HR mistakes your startup should avoid at all costs
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Ignoring LinkedIn Is Hurting Your Career
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By the Numbers: Interesting Facts About Jobs and Income

5 Must-Knows About Millennial Managers

Science of layoffs: The new thinking for dropping the hatchet
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10 Ways To Use Social Media To Supercharge Your Job Search

Why Certain Facebook Friends Can Boost Your Chance Of Landing A New Job
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17 Great Technologies To Help You Find And Perk Your Employees

Here’s Exactly What Hiring Managers Look for in a Resume
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How Does Social Media Play Into Today’s Job Search?

55% of Hiring Managers Don’t Read Cover Letters—Here’s How to Get Their Attention
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Millennials: Free food at work, but no health care
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Jobvite CEO: The Employment Pulse
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What to Do When Good Talent Has Suspicious Social Media

Why New Moms And Dads Aren’t Taking Their Paid Parental Leave
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Workers in their 20s are more likely to get free food than health insurance

See How Many of Your Co-Workers Think It Would be Easy to Get a New Job

The Future of Work Is Free Snacks, No Benefits, and Looking for Jobs from Your Bed

5 Ways to Beat the Competition When Looking for a Job
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Caution Rebuffed, Unicorns and Other Start-Ups Fixate on Rainbows
The New York Times

4 Reasons to Love Twitter

How To Hire (And Keep) Female Developers
Fast Company

New Recruiting Platform Uses Anonymous Profiles To Help Tech Companies Find Talent
Fast Company


Recruiters explain 6 social media habits that could cost you the job
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10 Tips to Land a New Job When You’re Over 50
The Street

5 Workplace Culture Trends You Can’t Ignore

We Want You 2.0? Talent War Reshapes Recruiting Software

5 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 30s

7 biggest business apps of 2016 – From Slack to Atlassian’s Confluence, HipChat
IB Times Australia

7 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 20s

3 Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation


7 Ways to Be Competitive at Work Without Being a Jerk

Networking: How To Make Your Personality Work For You
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Case study: How GroupM achieved a 93% job offer acceptance rate
Human Resources Online

Social Media: the Best Option for Finding the People You Need

How to Build an Infectious Company Culture

3 Ways to Survive the B2B Sales Talent Shortage
The Business Journal

How Important Are Employee Benefits When Recruiting?
Small Biz Trends


The 3 Keys to Being Competitive in Your Career – Without Creating Enemies
The Muse

What to do when you’ve accepted a job, then change your mind

5 Simple, Proven Ways to Hire Better Employees
Business News Daily

4 Ways to Become Known as a Career Builder — and Not a Job Hopper


Here’s How Long It Really Takes to Get a Job

4 Ways to Tell If Job Candidates Are Telling the Truth

5 ways to use Facebook Groups to grow your professional network

It Pays to Be Smart with Social Media
The Telegraph

4 Ways to Make Sure Employers Don’t Think You’re a Job Hopper
Business Insider

4 Ways to Become Known as a Career Builder
The Muse

From warehouse to cubicle farm: Exploring Amazon’s employee feedback system


Job Recruiters Don’t Care About Your GPA or Cover Letter
Fast Company

How Recruiters Find Top Talent in 2015 [STUDY]
Undercover Recruiter

Survey: 92% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates
AdWeek SocialTimes

More proof that when it comes to hiring, it’s who you know that matters

4 Steps to becoming a social recruiting sage
Fresh Business Thinking

It’s All About the Recruiters

Your GPA And Cover Letter Don’t Matter In The Job Search, Survey Says

Here’s How Recruiters Really Fill Jobs
US News

A quarter of recruiters are turned off by candidates’ selfies
Human Resources Online

Where recruiters look first for new hires and what they look for
Toronto Star

Where have all the skilled talents gone to?
HRM Asia

Want to Beat the Recruiting Blues? Build Candidate Relationships
Business News Daily

How Google Has Now Brainwashed Us All About Hiring

4 Creative Ways to Find and Engage With Job Candidates

8 Social Media Mistakes That Are Sinking Your Job Search

Cover Letters Probably Don’t Matter, But You Still Need One

2015 Recruiting Trends To Watch
Career Sherpa

What you should know about recruiters before your job search


How many job seekers to make a hire?

San Jose State Alums Beat Out Elite School Grads For Tech Jobs
CBS News


San Jose State University is Top School for Most Silicon Valley Hires
NBC News

Ways to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job
Huffington Post

Treat recruitment like you treat your sales: Build a talent funnel

The right to request flexible working: one year on, has anything changed?
Information Age

What Increased Job Hopping Means for Employers
Business News Daily

The 20 universities that are most likely to land you a job in Silicon Valley
Business Insider

6 Changes You Should Make to Your Job Search

C-suite career advice: Daniel Finnigan, Jobvite

How mobile is changing the face of recruitment
HR Review


How Many Team-Building Hiking Trips Can Your Marriage Take?
The Wall Street Journal

8 Recruitment Myths Preventing You from Finding the Best
Huffington Post

The 3 Biggest Social Media Snafus That Can Cost You the Job
U.S. News

For job seekers, the hunt is increasingly digital
CBS News


11 Reasons this is a Terrible Resume for a College Grad

Selfie Sabotage: What Millennials Don’t Understand About Social Media
Yahoo News


11 Reasons this is a Terrible Resume for a College Grad
Business Insider

Yahoo has a bad habit of buying talent through acquisitions

5 Ways to Better Leverage Your Referrals to Hire Top Talent

Recruiters must adapt to changing jobs market
HR Grapevine

Why Texting is the New Email in the Hiring Process

What the March jobs report means for millennials
Fox Risk & Reward

College Acceptance Letters Out But Are You In For The Debt?

Work-Life Balance: How to Deliver What Your Employees Want
Huffington Post


4 Reasons Job Seekers Should Have a Personal Website
U.S. News

Recruiting In-Demand Talent Is About Relationships And Trust

Tech Pup of the Day: Jobvite’s Pancake

Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Front-End Web Developer

Which Type of Interview Is Best for Your Company?

7 Reasons Happy Workers Quit Their Jobs
Business News Daily

5 New Tech Trends in Job Searching
U.S. News

Social Media vs. Job Boards – The Future of Recruiting

2015 the best job market in years for tech grads

2015 college graduates face best job market in years

The oddball ways tech companies welcome you on your first day of work

Young tech workers sought in tightening labor market

How you can get your best employees to stay

Job hunting? Your dream role may be closer than you think

Experience Wins
The Global Recruiter

6 Big Misconceptions People Have About Personal Branding Online
Huffington Post Blog


Essential Branding and Networking Tips for College Seniors
US News & World Report

Mobile is the New Classifieds

The 3 Best Ways to Boost Your Earnings This Year

HackerRank Event Explores Latest STEM Recruiting Strategies
Silicon Hills News

When Not To Make Or Take An Employee Referral

How to Attract Top Talent Like College Sports Teams

USA TODAY Snapshots
USA Today

These Are the Terrible Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Search

What Recruiters Think When They See Your LinkedIn Profile
US News & World Report

Study: Even your ‘satisfied’ employees may be looking to leave
Business Journals

Looking for a Job? Watch What You Post on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]
Social Times AdWeek

Money Matters Most for Millennials On the Job Hunt: Survey
Fox Business

Half Of Your Company Is Looking To Leave: Four Retention Strategies To Keep Your Best

Report: Job Seekers Are Optimistic and Ready For Change
US News & World Report

Is job loyalty an old concept?

The 3 Big Mistakes Older Job Seekers Are Making
PBS Next Avenue

Four Ways To Use Facebook To Find A Job

Is Social Media Recruiting Dead?


The Recruiter-Job Seeker Disconnect You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The 4 Job Skills Employers Want to See on Your Resume
Business News Daily

Getting social media recruitment right
HR Magazine

How Recruiters Creepily Troll Social Media for Job Candidates (Infographic)

Introverts, Extroverts, and the Job Interview: How to Hire a Fair, Balanced Team

What’s really disrupting the job board industry?
HR Examiner

Four ways to stand-out from the crowd
Financial Feed

What the Finnigan Family Tailgate Taught Me about Leading a Company (and a Life)

4 Data-Backed Reasons to Use Mobile in the Workplace

2015 Job Hunt: 4 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd
Business News Daily

How You’ll Find A New Job in 2015
Fast Company

10 Ways to Perfect Your Personal Brand
US News and World Report: January 2

10 Top Career Stories of 2014
CIO: December 30

How Recruiters Are Using Social Media—and What It Means for You
TIME/Money: December 10

4 Ways Building a Better Brand Attracts Better IT Talent
CIO: December 9

The Next ‘Sea Change’ in Recruiting: Mobile
CIO: December 5

Show ‘Em Who’s Boss: 4 Tips for Successfully Managing Your Peers After a Promotion
Inc.: December 4

How to hire the right people right away
Chicago Tribune: November 28

Why This CEO Asks Only One Interview Question
Business Insider: November 28

How to Respond When an Interviewer Asks if You Have Any Questions
TIME: November 13

Job Recruiting: HR Startups Land Big Venture Investments in Third Quarter
Wall Street Journal: November 14

55% of recruiters reconsider job candidates after seeing their social profiles
Mashable: November 17

Head In The Sand With Your Personal Brand?
Business2Comunity: November 11

Your Facebook Profile May Be More Important Than Your Resume (Infographic)
Business2Community: November 11

Why You Should Never Swear on Your LinkedIn Profile
Quartz: November 5

8 Things To Say To Help A Friend Prepare for Life After College
Huffington Post: October 31

6 Things You Should Know About Social Recruiting
US News and World Report: October 22

How to Clean Up Your Social Media Before the Job Hunt
Cosmopolitan: October 21

How to Use Social Media to Impress Recruiters
AOL: October 27

Job seekers: Beware of sex: drugs and typos
Marketwatch: October 24

10 Ways Social Media Affects Recruiting
eWeek: October 24

How to Ace Any Interview and Land the Job of Your Dreams
Money Magazine: October 5

5 Ways Baby Boomer Job Seekers Can Build an Online Presence
US News & World Report: October 2

How Not to Turn Off Your Dream Hires (Infographic)
Inc.: September 18

7 Ways to Gain Executive Experience in College
US News and World Report: September 17

Find Your Next Great Hire on Twitter
Entrepreneur: September 10

How Three Companies Went Social with Recruiting
HR Magazine: September 9

Millennials’ Promotions Stall as New Firms’ Hiring Eases
Bloomberg BusinessWeek: September 3

How to Lose a Candidate in 10 Days
ERE: August 28

Why College Freshmen Need To Major In LinkedIn
Forbes: August 26

Why Paid Internships Matter and How You Can Get One
Yahoo! Finance: August 25

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile – in Less Than an Hour
US News and World Report: August 21

How to Get a Job at Yelp
Marie Claire: August 18

Recruiting On A Budget: How Social Media Can Save You Money
Business Insider: August 13

Video Interviewing Gaining Traction: Should You Jump Aboard?
Business Insider: August 13

5 Secrets of the Social Job Search

Business Insider: August 13

7 Secrets for Standing Out in a Tough Job Market
Parade Magazine: August 12

Attention job seekers: The state of agency hiring in 5 charts
Digiday: August 12

Study: Women Have Higher Job Mobility Than Men July 23

9 Ways Job Seekers Can Avoid Disaster on Social Media
Huffington Post Blog: July 22

Quit Your Job! It Proves the Economy’s Getting Better
June 27, 2014:  Marketplace

Top of Your MBA Class—but Remedial in Social Media?
June 24, 2014:  Businessweek

5 Secrets to Winning an Employee Referral and Getting Hired
June 24, 2014:  FoxBusiness

Using Social Media for Job Search
June 20, 2014:  Fox Business

16 Things You’re Doing All Wrong on LinkedIn
June 23, 2014:  Yahoo News

It’s Who You Know: Readying for Referrals
June 4, 2014:  Workforce Management

Optimize LinkedIn Like A Pro To Boost Your Personal Brand
June 3, 2014:  MarketingLand

Survey: More Employers Using Social Media As a Recruiting Tool
May 30, 2014:  MBA Business Magazine

ZDNet Cloud TV: Impact of cloud on HR (full video)
May 25, 2014:  ZDNet

Q+A with Jean-Michel Wu
May, 2014:  Human Resources Online

What it takes to get a senior role in WPP
May 26, 2014: Marketing

It’s Not Them, It’s You: 10 Major Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Hunt
May 15, 2014:  US News & World Report

6 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Hiring Strategy
May 14, 2014:  Entrepreneur

Yahoo employees are less desperate to leave since Marissa Mayer arrived
April 29, 2014:  Quartz

Fewer people want to leave Yahoo since Mayer took over, report says
April 29, 2014:  Silicon Valley Business Journal

Is Yahoo’s brain drain finally slowing?
April 29, 2014:  CNBC

How job recruiters screen you on LinkedIn
May 4, 2014:  MarketWatch

Forget LinkedIn, why you’ll find your next job using Facebook
April 30, 2014:  FastCompany

How to Find a Job in 2014
April 12, 2014:  Parade

Older Job Seekers: Get Social And Mobile
April 18, 2014:  PBS

When your online personality works against you
April 14, 2014:  BBC

Restless workers on the hunt exploiting social media
April 12, 2014:  Bloomberg

Our Favorite Applicant Tracking System User Interfaces (UIs)
April 11, 2014:  The New Talent Times

Top 15 Online Recruiting Resources: The Complete Guide
April 17, 2014:

5 ways technology has changed recruiting forever
April 7, 2014:  The Next Web

How to Get a Job at
April 7, 2014:  MarieClaire

Do Job Seekers ‘Like’ Facebook?
April 3, 2014:  HRE Online

How to Hire Without Spending a Fortune. (Hint: Use Social Media.)
April 4, 2014:  Entrepreneur

Go on Facebook for Your Next Hire? (Infographic)
March 28, 2014:  Entrepreneur

Facebook Zero: Marketing Your Employer Brand in the New Social Media Landscape
March 26, 2014:

7 Mistakes on Social Media That Could Be Hurting Your Job Search
Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh,
March 11, 2014:  PayScale

Tips for Acing a Twitter Interview
March 12, 2014:  US News & World Report

Recruiters Aren’t Just Looking at Your Resume
March 10, 2014:  EdWeek

The Youngest Technorati
March 8, 2014:  The New York Times

5 Ways to Not Get Rejected on LinkedIn
March 4, 2014:  Time

5 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Profile Views
Maarch 4, 2014:  Career Sherpa

The 7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting
March 3, 2014:  HR Daily Advisor

7 Simple Ways to Polish Your Personal Brand
March 8, 2014:  Business News Daily

The job interview is over. Now, how do you follow up?
Februaary 27, 2014:  Fortune

Boomer workers get by with help from their friends
February 27, 2014:  MarketWatch

Most recruiters check candidates’ social media profiles
March 3, 2014:  CorpsComms

Jobvite wins People Choice Award at 2014 SASCS
The Stevies (Youtube)

The hiring game – it’s a lot like dating really
February 20, 2014:  CNBC

Your ‘loyal’ employees? Always looking for the next job.
February 18, 2014:  MarketWatch, 2/18

Job Seekers’ Secret Weapon: Mobile Devices, Not the Web
February 18, 2014: US News & World Report

Dan on the Bill Kutik Radio Show (iTunes)
February 18, 2014: Bill Kutik Radio Show

Mobile career apps heat up the war for talent
February 18, 2014:  CNBC

Half of Workers Open to or Actively Seeking New Job, Creating ‘New Reality’ for HR Pros
February 14, 2014:  Bloomberg BNA

Looking to land a new job? Head to social media
February 12, 2014 ABC News

A Look Inside the Habits of the Social Job Seeker
February 12, 2014 US News & World Report

Are You Ready For Social Recruiting?
Hannah Morgan
February 12, 2014 Career Sherpa

Discussing Recruiting, Marketing, and Job Seeking with Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite
Jim Stroud
February 14, 2014:  The Jim Stroud Show

4 Reasons Your Employee Referral Scheme is Failing
Kazim Ladimeji
February 13, 2014:

Search for work is on the go and getting more social, survey says
February 6, 2014: LA Times

The Modern Job Seeker Is Always On The Hunt (Even In The Bathroom)
February 6, 2014: Fast Company

The Dirty Secret Your Employees Are Hiding From You
February 6, 2014: Inc.

 4 Ways To Use Facebook To Find A Job
February 6, 2014:  Forbes

STUDY: The Social Job Seeker, The Mobile Job Seeker, And Facebook’s Role In The Process
February 6, 2014: AllFacebook

Job Search From Your Mobile Device
February 6, 2014: CareerSherpa

Twitter, Box, and Dropbox attracting hordes of employees away from tech giants
January 24, 2014 Venture Beat

How to Interview for a Job When You’re Not Exactly Qualified
January 23, 2014 PayScale

To Maximize Recruitment ROI, HR Needs to Adapt to Changing Employment Landscape
January 13, 2014: Bloomberg BNA

2014 — The Year of Social HR
December 06, 2013: ERE Media

Adding Value to Social Media and Your Job Search
December 04, 2013: US News & World Report

Recruiting is Marketing
December 03, 2013: ERE Media

See How A Pro Transformed My Crappy Resume To An Excellent One
November 28, 2013: Business Insider

Dan Finnigan: Develop a Poker Face
November 22, 2013: WSJ

Will Your Facebook Profile Sabotage Your Job Search?
November 14, 2013: TIME

Time for a Twitter hiring binge?
November 08, 2013: CNNMoney

Social Networks: Friend or Foe?
November 08, 2013: Talent Management

Why dealing with underperforming employees is essential for your startup’s success
November 07, 2013: The Next Web

YoungMoney: Now’s the time for career risks
November 04, 2013: USA Today

Dan Finnigan: Older Entrepreneurs Need to Break from Tradition
October 31, 2013: WSJ Accelerators

How Social Media Privacy Settings Could Affect Your Future
October 30, 2013: Huffington Post

It’s a Wrap!
October 28, 2013: HRE Online

Jobvite Proves That Social Recruiting Works!
October 28, 2013: Recruiting Blogs

The Top 10 Workplace Trends For 2014
October 24, 2013: Chicago Tribune

5 Simple Social Media Tactics That Lead To A Job
October 21, 2013: Huffington Post

The 9 Hottest Trends In HR Technology…And Many Are Disruptive
October 21, 2013: Forbes

6 Social Media Updates That Turn Off Recruiters
October 20, 2013: US NEWS

Meet the New Jobs Board: Social Media
October 17, 2013: Fox Business

The One About Video Interviewing
October 16, 2013: Recruiting Blogs

The Many Advantages of Video Interviews
October 16, 2013: US News & World Report

Are You Ready For Your Video Interview?
October 16, 2013: Career Sherpa

Reactions to Job Seekers Social Media Activity [infographic] – Friday Distraction
October 04, 2013: HR Bartender

7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Social Networks
October 02, 2013: Online Career Tips

Untapped Territory: Social Recruiting with Instagram and Pinterest
October 01, 2013: The Undercover Recruiter

Communicating your brand to hire the best people
September 30, 2013: The Guardian

The employee-centric evolution of HR software
September 27, 2013: GigaOM

Dan Finnigan: Your Obligation Is to the Enterprise
September 27, 2013: Wall Street Journal

The Online Activity That’s Keeping You Unemployed
September 16, 2013: Mashable

Job Seekers Recruited via Social More Likely to Be Hired
September 11, 2013: Mashable

Want to Get a Job Fast? Become a Social Media Savant
September 09, 2013: US NEWS

Instagram & Pinterest Gain Favor Among Recruiters
September 09, 2013: Business News Daily

Motivation Monday: Get On Social Networks
September 09, 2013: Career Sherpa

Recruiting on LinkedIn, Facebook Helps Save Companies Cash
September 06, 2013: FoxBusiness

The shifting tide of social job recruiting
September 06, 2013: PandoDaily

5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week
September 06, 2013: Hireology

Jobvite 2013 Annual Social Recruiting Survey Result
September 06, 2013: Social Meep

LinkedIn Dominates Social Media Sourcing and Recruiting
September 05, 2013: ERE

Survey: Most Recruiters Who Use Social Media Use LinkedIn
September 05, 2013: TLNT

If You Think Everyone’s Sourcing On LinkedIn, You’re Close to Right
September 05, 2013: The Fordyce Letter

Best Hire is Employee Referrals’: Jobvite CEO
September 05, 2013: BloombergTV

INFOGRAPHIC: Jobvite Examines The State Of Social Recruiting
September 05, 2013: AllFacebook

Cussing, drinking, sexting, typos on social media may cost you chance for good job
September 05, 2013: San Francisco Chronicle

Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts in a Social-Media World
September 05, 2013: Wall Street Journal

No Surprise, LinkedIn Dominates Social Media Sourcing
September 05, 2013: SourceCon

The State of Social Recruiting in 2013 [Infographic]
September 05, 2013: The Undercover Recruiter

Recruiters Must Don Marketing Hats to Attract Best Talent
July 29, 2013: SHRM

When Bosses Want to be ‘Friends’
July 17, 2013: HRE Online

10 Tech Tips for Job Hunting
July 13, 2013: Money Talks News

Jobvite: Staffing Software for a New Generation
July 08, 2013: Recruiting Division

Companies Up The Ante as Tech-Savvy Talent Shop for Jobs
May 14, 2013: FOX Business

What your recruiters are doing wrong (and 3 ways to fix it)
May 03, 2013: Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

Jobvite Refer, Jobvite Engage Take Social Recruiting To Next Level
February 03, 2013: AllFacebook

Job Networking Through Social Media: The Advantages of LinkedIn for College Students
January 18, 2013: The Huffington Post

Jobvite offers free social recruitment strategy e-book
January 07, 2013: AIM Group

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How to Engage in Social Networks for Your Job Hunt 
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Facebook most popular social media site for US job seekers – More than LinkedIn
October 11, 2012: New York Daily News

‘Job Seekers’ Make Up 75 Percent Of U.S. Workforce, Survey Finds
October 09, 2012: Huffington Post

Job Seekers Choose Facebook Over LinkedIn, Twitter
October 09, 2012: Mashable

Study: 75 percent of Americans on the lookout for a new job
October 08, 2012: San Francisco Chronicle

Twitter, LinkedIn Gaining On Still-Dominant Facebook Amoung U.S. Work Force
October 08, 2012: AllFacebook

Talking politics at the office? Check your emotions at the door
September 21, 2012:

ANALYSIS – Nimble HR software firms grab share from bigger rivals
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Your Social Media Updates Can Land or Cost You a Job [infographic]
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3 Ways To Become A Job Matchmaker For Your Friends
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Does Not Having a Facebook Page Make You ‘Suspicious’ to Employers?
August 08, 2012: TIME Inc.

TheAudience: A Stealthy, Celeb-Driven Startup Co-founded By Sean Parker, Ari Emanuel & Oliver Luckett
July 26, 2012: TechCrunch

Once a ‘college thing,’ social media now embedded in business 
July 25, 2012: Courier-Journal

Social media is now a ‘business thing’ 
July 25, 2012: Daily Herald

How To Recruit Online: Finding Talent with Facebook & Twitter 
July 25, 2012: Business2Community

The Death of the Resume: Five Ways to Re-Imagine Recruiting 
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More Than Nine In Ten Employers Turn To Social Recruiting 
July 20, 2012:

Job Hunters: 4 Tips on Using Social Media 
July 20, 2012: MoneyTalksNews

Jobvite Survey Finds Social Recruiting Is On the Rise 
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Facebook Jobs Will Positively Impact the U.S. Economy and Job Marketplace 
July 18, 2012: Huffington Post

What’s This Whole Facebook Job Board About? 
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A Facebook Job Board Would Be Great for the Economy 
July 18, 2012: Huffington Post

For Yahoo CEO, Two New Roles 
July 17, 2012: Wall Street Journal

17 News at Sunrise (Second airing) 
July 17, 2012: KGET (NBC) – Bakersfield, CA

17 News at Sunrise 
July 17, 2012: KGET (NBC) – Bakersfield, CA

17 News at Sunrise 
July 17, 2012: KGET (NBC) – Bakersfield, CA

Facebook Releasing Jobs Board in August 
July 16, 2012: Imperfect Women

2012 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey is Out 
July 16, 2012: Third Wave Coach’s Corner Blog

Facebook could launch job board by next month 
July 15, 2012: IT Portal

News 13 @ Five Weekend 
July 15, 2012: KCWY (NBC) – Casper, WY

News 13 @ Ten 
July 15, 2012: CWY (NBC) – Casper, WY

In this economy, its an employers’ market 
July 15, 2012: Worcester Telegram

Could Facebook Recruiting Unseat LinkedIn? Not As Easily As You Think 
July 15, 2012: Forbes

Employers weed out candidates using social media 
July 15, 2012: Poughkeepsie Journal

Heads up, LinkedIn users: 93% of recruiters are looking at you 
July 10, 2012: CNET

Want a job? ‘Tweet’ ‘In’ a recruiter’s ‘Face’ 
July 10, 2012: MSNBC

54% Of Recruiters Now Use Twitter To Source Job Candidates 
July 10, 2012: All Twitter

What would employer think of your Tweets and Facebook posts? 
July 10, 2012: St. Louis Today

Where Recruiters Are Looking For You 
July 10, 2012: U.S. News & World Report

Nine in 10 recruiters use social media 
July 10, 2012: CorpComms Magazine

July 10, 2012:

Alcoa Kicks Off Earnings Parade 
July 10, 2012: Fox Business

WKYT (CBS) – Lexington, KY 
July 10, 2012: 27Newsfirst

LinkedIn Leads, Facebook Gaining In Online Recruiting 
July 10, 2012: Investor’s Business Daily

Social Recruiting Just Works Better 
July 10, 2012: Career Sherpa

Infographic: 92% of Companies Recruit with Social Media 
July 10, 2012: Undercover Recruiter

Infographic: Recruiting Via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Continues To Grow 
July 09, 2012: AllFacebook

How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Make Hiring Decisions Now 
July 09, 2012: Time

Survey: Over 90% of Companies Will Use Social Media Recruiting This Year 
July 09, 2012: TLNT

Social Recruiting Becomes the Norm 
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The State of Social Recruiting 
July 09, 2012:

Pssst … Hey, Job Hunters … 
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Is social networking important for job seekers?
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Social Recruiting 2012 
July 09, 2012:

Survey: Most employers look to socnets for new recruits 
July 09, 2012: BizReport

92% of Employers Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to Hire New Employees 
July 09, 2012:

Social Recruiting Soars Amid Gains by Facebook, Twitter 
July 09, 2012: Inc.

Want a job? Check the spelling on your Facebook profile 
July 09, 2012: Los Angeles Times

90% of employers using social recruiting in 2012, survey says 
July 09, 2012: ZDNet

Social Media Recruiting is Top Method for Company Hiring 
July 09, 2012: ChicagoNow!

Social Recuriting Continues to Grow 
July 09, 2012: Career Gravity

Are Your Using Social Media for Recruiting? 
July 09, 2012:

After You Take Your Mother To Lunch, Learn LinkedIn
June 29, 2012: Career Thought Leaders

You’re Funded! Zao Raises $1.3M For Its Social Recruitment Platform
June 29, 2012: TechCrunch

The social recruiting start-up wars heat up
June 26, 2012: GigaOM

Social Recruiting goes Wild 
June 21, 2012: Forbes

Tweet to Work (Print)
June 20, 2012: York Daily Record

Six ways to recruit with Facebook 
June 19, 2012: Benefits Canada

Path.To Adds Features, More Cities to “eHarmony for Jobs” Tool 
June 19, 2012: BetaKit

Bright Unveils A Data-Driven Approach To The Job Search Raises $6M 
June 19, 2012: TechCrunch

How to Launch Your Career (Or Just Land a Summer Job) With Social Media 
June 19, 2012: Forbes

Connect and engage with gen Y 
June 17, 2012: Benefits Canada

‘Social Recruiting’ is Gaining Popularity 
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College Graduates’ Best Job Bet: Word of Mouth 
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Is BranchOut a LinkedIn Killer? 
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5 Secrets to Quickly Land that New Job 
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3 Quick Improvement To Implement On Your LinkedIn Profile 
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In Race to Recruit, Silicon Valley’s Startups Outgunning Old Rivals 
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5 Ways Social Media Is Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition 
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Be Social Media Savvy for Landing a Job 
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Three Facebook Tips For College Graduates 
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The Evolution of Social Recruiting Technology 
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EMPLOYERS – Tap Today’s Best College Graduates via Online Networking 
May 15, 2012: St. Louis Today Pivots to Social Recruiting Tool TalentBin 
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Recruiting technology: A social history 
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The History of Social Recruiting Technology 
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Jobvite Facebook Contest Seeks Referral Stories 
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Need Any More Proof? Job Referrals Are REALLY Important 
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Hiring in a hurry picks up 
April 30, 2012: Fortune

When Does Social Recruiting Become Social Sleuthing?
April 03, 2012: U.S. News & World Report

Company says most employers don’t check you social media
April 01, 2012: 9News

Facebook and Senator Fire Back at Password Snooping Employers
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Lines of Inquiry
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The Facts on Social Media Recruiting
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How Social Media Can Help You Snag Top Talent For Your Company
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Finding Work on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
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10 apps to help vets find jobs
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The Social Job Infographic: What Social Network Has Most Job Search Activity?
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Helping Veterans Make The Transition to Civilian Jobs
January 24, 2012: HR Examiner

Jobvite hires Kevin Nanney as VP of product
January 23, 2012: San Jose Business Journal

The Social Job Seeker: How Facebook, LinkedIn And Twitter Help People Find Work [Infographic]
January 21, 2012: All Twitter – Media Bistro

The social job seeker: infographic
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Jobvite Launches Tech Tools for Veterans Seeking Employment
January 18, 2012: Forbes

Jobvite’s Apps for Heroes Connects Veterans With Employment
January 18, 2012: TechCrunch

Using social networking to aid in job searches
December 30, 2011: CBS News

How to Land a New Job in 2012
December 29, 2011: U.S. News & World Report

Explore jobs, social media at Kennesaw Career Training Expo
December 15, 2011: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

How to Be Found on LinkedIn
December 15, 2011: U.S. News & World Report

More Companies Recruit Via Social Networks
December 14, 2011: InformationWeek

Jobvite hires Winkenbach as CFO, Kasper as CMO
December 12, 2011: Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

How Social Media is Reshaping the Job Search
December 12, 2011: Recruiting Blogs

CFO Moves: PDL BioPharma, AXIS Capital, Jobvite
December 12, 2011: Wall Street Journal

Dan Finnigan – Getting the people you need to get the work done: social technology and staffing
December 08, 2011: Business Execution Radio (

December 01, 2011: Real Simple [Print]

November 29, 2011: Women’s Health [Print]

The new networking: How to find your dream job on Twitter
November 24, 2011: Fashion Magazine

Managing 5 Kinds of Hiring Managers
November 22, 2011: ERE

One in six Americans used social web to get their job
November 17, 2011: The Register

48% of job seekers have used Facebook to look for work
November 17, 2011: ZDNet

Job Hunters Using Social Media
November 17, 2011: Social Barrel

Social Networking Now Integral to Job Search
November 17, 2011: Talent Management

International public sector: Opinions divided over employee referral schemes
November 17, 2011: Financial Times (International)

Study: More Than 15% of Workers Get Hired Through Social Networks
November 16, 2011: ReadWriteWeb

More job seekers now employing social networks
November 16, 2011:

22 Million Workers Used Social Networks to Land Their Current Job
November 16, 2011: PCWorld

Blog your way to a better career
November 14, 2011: CNN

New Tools, SHRM’s Social Media Survey, and More In Today’s Roundup
November 11, 2011: ERE

Are You a Novice or Maven When it Comes to Social Media?
October 28, 2011: ERE

Friend – and Possible Employee
October 24, 2011: Wall Street Journal

3 Things Recruiters Check For On Your Social Media Profile
October 24, 2011: Business Insider

Job Hunters Get Help From Facebook, Feds
October 21, 2011: ABC News

Facebook partners with US government to reduce unemployment
October 21, 2011: ZDNet

Facebook and Labor Department Deliver Career Resources Through Social Jobs Partnership Page
October 20, 2011: Inside Facebook

Facebook, Feds Team To Help Job Seekers
October 20, 2011: InformationWeek

Facebook partners with Labor Department to help job-seekers
October 20, 2011: Los Angeles Times

Facebook partners with U.S. Labor Department to help unemployed
October 20, 2011: Digital Trends

Facebook, Labor Secretary Launch Page For Job Seekers
October 20, 2011: All Facebook

Jobvite Creates A Private Facebook Application
October 17, 2011:

HR Tech Wrap up
October 12, 2011:

Ask Facebook Friends for job referrals
October 12, 2011: Chicago Tribune

Why Virtual Talent Communities Represent the Future of Sourcing
October 12, 2011: ERE

Ask Facebook Friends For Job Referrals
October 07, 2011: Hartford Courant

Jobvite’s New Facebook Recruiting App Suggests Friends to Refer
October 03, 2011: Inside Facebook

Jobvite Creates A Private Facebook Application
October 03, 2011: All Facebook

Silkroad Unveils Tool to Address a Worker’s Influence
October 03, 2011:

The New Online Job Hunt
October 03, 2011: TIME Magazine

HR Tech: Silkroad Point Measures Social Media Presence, Jobvite’s New Facebook App
October 03, 2011: TLNT

Monster Facebook mash-up 
September 26, 2011: Boston Herald

How to Conduct a Job Search: What You Need to Know Today
September 26, 2011: CIO

Personal branding as a candidate
September 19, 2011: The Boston Globe

The Job Hunt Gets Social
August 14, 2011: The Baltimore Sun

HOW TO: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for the Job Hunt
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Is Your Company Using Social Media to Recruit Talent?
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Social Recruiting In 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Many With Jobs Live in Fear of Losing Them
July 26, 2011: Fox Business

“Apply with LinkedIn” Might Be Pretty Huge
July 26, 2011: WebProNews

LinkedIn 1-click job application feature begins
July 26, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle

Jobvite: 90pc of recruiters will use social media
July 25, 2011: Social Barrel

Led by LinkedIn, Social Recruiting Continues to Grow [Infographic]
July 25, 2011: ReadWriteWeb

Do Friends Let Friends Recruit via Facebook?
July 25, 2011: Human Resource Executive Online

67% of Employers Plan to Increase Hiring Soon
July 18, 2011: Personal Branding Blog

More Employers Using Social Media to Hunt for Talent
July 13, 2011: Forbes

Employee Tenure: 2-3 Years and Gone?
July 13, 2011: IT Business Edge

Jobvite Survey Reveals 89 percent Plan to Use Social Recruiting
July 13, 2011: Talent Management

Social Media Becoming Ubiquitous For Recruiting
July 12, 2011: Media Bistro

Report: Percentrage of Companies Recruiting on Facebook Stagnates, Growing Just 0.7% This Year
July 12, 2011: Inside Facebook

Nine Out of Ten Employers Recruit on Social Media
July 12, 2011: Media Post

More Employers Than Ever Recruit on Social Networks
July 12, 2011: ERE

Multiple Social Networks: The Places for Recruiters to Be
July 12, 2011: IT Business Edge

Social Recruiting 2011
July 12, 2011:

Jobvite Source Lets Recruiters Post Trackable Job Links to Facebook Accounts of Employees
July 07, 2011: Inside Facebook

College Recruiting: What’s Old Is New (Again)
July 01, 2011: Talent Management Magazine

A Man of the People
June 27, 2011: CFO

10 WOW Social Media Statistics
June 07, 2011: Socialnomics

Cheap Chick’s Online Job Resources
June 02, 2011: FOX 9

5 Social Media Recruiting Tools for Small Business
May 23, 2011: Mashable

The Many Roads to CEO: Second in a Series
May 20, 2011: Wall Street Journal

Jobvite Raises $15M for Social Recruiting
May 17, 2011: San Francisco Business Times

Hot and Getting Hotter
May 17, 2011:

Jobvite Gets $15 Million in New Investment
May 17, 2011: ERE Media

Jobvite Gains $15M, Offers Employment Recruiting via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
May 17, 2011: San Jose Mercury News

Jobvite Recruits $15 Million in Funding for Social Hiring Applications
May 17, 2011: TechCrunch

The Many Roads to CEO: First in a Series
May 06, 2011: Wall Street Journal

Put Some Punch Into Your Career
May 03, 2011: CNNMoney

Through the Looking Glass
April 01, 2011: Human Resource Executive

How To: Hire Top Talent in Emerging Industries
March 29, 2011: Mashable

Forget the Economy: Hire Now
March 25, 2011: Business Week

Re-engaging Workers a Big Hurdle for HR
March 17, 2011: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Techniques for Using Social Media to Land Your Dream Job
March 14, 2011:

Why SXSW’s Party in Austin Matter
March 11, 2011: VentureBeat

Companies Using Facebook, Footwork to Find Best Hires
March 10, 2011: The Ledger

Recruiters Innovate as Old Methods Prove Frustrating
March 08, 2011: Kansas City Star

Use social media in your job search
March 03, 2011: Green Bay Press Gazette

Two New Changes Face Today’s Job Seekers
February 18, 2011: Inside Bay Area

Branding in a Personal World
January 31, 2011:

Do Social Networks Trump Résumés?
January 25, 2011:

Hiring Is Getting Harder for Companies, Not Easier
January 20, 2011:

10 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt
January 13, 2011: Fortune

Hidden Pool of Job Seekers Compete With Unemployed, Survey Finds
January 04, 2011: Aol Jobs

How To: Win the War for the Most Talented Employees
January 03, 2011: Mashable

Looking for a Job in 2011? Here’s How to Stand Out
January 03, 2011: MSNBC

10 Dos, 10 Don’ts for a New Year’s Job Search
December 27, 2010: SecondAct

The Bill Kutik Radio Show
December 08, 2010: KI OnDemand

New Employment Numbers ‘Devastating’ But Not Debilitating
December 03, 2010: AOL Jobs

Trying to See the Forest Through the Trees
November 24, 2010: Fistful of Talent

Who Got Their Last Job Through Social Networks?
November 19, 2010: The HR Capitalist

Silicon Valley Jobless Rates Drops in October
November 19, 2010: San Jose Mercury News

Is Your Workforce Ripe for Picking?
November 11, 2010: Brand For Talent

It’s Not Your Mom’s Job Hunt
November 05, 2010: Wall Street Journal

A Filter for the Flood of Job Applicants
November 03, 2010: Financial Times

Stepping Up the Job Search
October 20, 2010: Human Resource Executive Online

Jobvite: Take Your Hiring Managers’ Excuses Away
October 04, 2010:

HR Technology Today: Just Another Love Song
October 04, 2010:

SuccessFactors To Partner With Jobvite For Network-Driven Hiring
September 27, 2010: Wall Street Journal

Jobvite’s Recruiting Intelligence Puts Metrics in Their Place
September 21, 2010:

It’s Personal
September 16, 2010: Human Resource Executive Online

Future Hiring Will Mainly Benefit the High-Skilled
September 05, 2010: Associated Press

e-vites: An HR/Recruiting tool gaining acceptance
August 22, 2010: ZDNet

Silicon Valley Jobless Rate Edges Higher in July
August 20, 2010: San Jose Mercury News

Job Recruitment Changed By Online Networking
August 04, 2010: ABC7

Relax. A Job Is Not Forever.
August 04, 2010: The Wall Street Journal

Social Networks, The Newest Recruiting Tool
July 14, 2010:

A Sourcer’s Obligation to a Company’s Brand
July 13, 2010:

Most Businesses Use Social Nets for Hiring
July 13, 2010: eMarketer

Most Companies Use Social Media For Recruiting, Says Survey
July 06, 2010: ReadWriteWeb

Social Networking Ever More Critical to Job Search Success
June 30, 2010: CIO

More Targeting, Automation Added to Jobvite Source
June 30, 2010:

Jobvite Launches a Free #SocialRecruiting Tool: Jobvite Share
May 26, 2010:

Jobvite Share
May 25, 2010: Steve Boese’s HR Technology Blog

Jobvite Offers Free Tool for Distributing and Tracking Job Posts
May 25, 2010:

A Resume Is Not Enough: How to Market Yourself Online
May 24, 2010: The Wall Street Journal

How to Use Twitter as a Recruiting Tool
May 19, 2010:

Announcements from ERE Expo
May 16, 2010:

Google Opens App Store for Business Software
May 09, 2010: New York Times

The Basics of Job Hunting Through Social Networks
May 03, 2010: The Wall Street Journal

Use Social Networks to Find Specialized Talent
May 01, 2010: Talent Management

Green-Job Market: Seeing the Forest for the Trees
April 27, 2010: The Wall Street Journal

Does Monster’s Acquisition Of Yahoo! HotJobs Matter If The Internet Is The Job Board?
February 06, 2010: Techcrunch

Shake Up Your Recruiting Strategy in 2010
January 29, 2010: Jobvite Blog

Is Real-Time Search Working?
January 12, 2010: Digital Media Buzz

Reinvention Week: A new year, a new you
January 05, 2010: Chicago Tribune

Jobvite Review
December 07, 2009:

Two Surveys Indicate Millennials Changing Workplace Expectations
November 10, 2009:

Make the Most of Social Networking Experience
October 27, 2009: Gannet Publications

Out of Work? 4 Simple Steps to Get Your Job Mojo Back
October 01, 2009: CBS

Jobvite Lets You Search for Employees Through Social Networks
September 28, 2009: Inside Facebook

Jobvite’s New Thing: Sourcing Passive Candidates
September 24, 2009: ZDNet

Jobvite Raises $8.25 Million in Series B Funding
September 23, 2009:

Jobvite Offers New Standalone Sourcing Tool
September 23, 2009:

Jobvite Source Powers Social Recruiting for Any Company
September 23, 2009:

Jobvite Takes $8.2M to Expand Recruiting on Social Networks
September 09, 2009: VentureBeat

Jobvite Raises $8.2 Million Second Round for ‘Social’ Recruitment Software
September 09, 2009: PaidContent

Jobvite Integrates Social Media and eRecruitment
August 21, 2009: The AppGap

Will Tweet for Work
August 13, 2009: Fast Company

Social Networking Sites Used in Job Recruiting
August 12, 2009: abc7

Special Report on Talent Acquisition Technology—Logging Off of Job Boards
July 17, 2009:

Social Media: What Employers Think
July 15, 2009: CNBC

Beyond Job Boards: Targeting the Source
July 02, 2009: The Wall Street Journal

Wanna job? How many friends do you have on Facebook?
June 19, 2009: Business Week

Recruiters Amping Up Interest in Social Media
June 12, 2009:

Finding New Employees, via Social Networks
May 30, 2009: The New York Times

Survey Shows Influx of Companies Using Social Networks for Recruiting
May 20, 2009: ZDNet

Companies to Invest Less in Job Boards
May 20, 2009: Cheezhead

Should You Socialize Your Hiring?
April 01, 2009: BMighty

Jobvite Must Be One Cool Tool
March 23, 2009: Cheezhead

The Power of Referrals: Next Generation Recruitment
March 12, 2009: Bersin & Associates

Jobvite’s New Tools May Be Game-changers for Social Network Recruiting
February 10, 2009:

Jobvite Brings Job Listings to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
February 10, 2009: VentureBeat

Get Jobvited on Twitter, LinkedIn
February 10, 2009: Cheezhead

Jobvite Wants to ‘Friend’ You: Why Referrals and Social Networks Are Bargains in Today’s Economy
February 10, 2009: ZDNet

Jobvite’s Smart Approach to SMBs and Social Networks
December 31, 2008: ZDNet

Wall Street Recruiters and Employees Increasingly Use Social Networking for Career Management
December 19, 2008: Wall Street & Technology

Where to Find Top Talent
December 16, 2008: Business Week

Advice For Yahoo!s, From Yahoo!s
December 10, 2008: Turns to Employees’ Social Networks for Hiring Help
December 01, 2008: Internet Retailer

When Social Networking Works
November 24, 2008:

Tough Times in Silicon Valley, But Some Are Hiring
November 23, 2008: San Francisco Chronicle

Recruiters Look to LinkedIn to Fill Positions in Cap Markets
November 18, 2008: Wall Street & Technology

Jobvite CEO Talks Shop: 3 Ways Companies Can Reduce Recruitment Spend
November 17, 2008: Cheezhead

Recruit Reboot
November 01, 2008: Entrepreneur Magazine

TiVo Reaches the Right Audience With Next-Generation Recruitment
November 01, 2008: Talent Management

High tech hiring: Technology changes the way companies recruit
October 24, 2008: Austin Business Journal

The Economy and Jobs: More Than You Can Handle?
September 30, 2008: Information Week

Jobvite Boosts Its Profile Among Web-based Recruiters
September 01, 2008: Workforce Management

Jobvite Cherry Picks Yahoo AMP Director of Engineering
August 04, 2008: TechCrunch

Interview with Jobvite’s Dan Finnigan, Jesper Schultz
July 22, 2008: Cheezhead

ERE Vendorwatch: Jobvite
July 14, 2008:

Jobvite Hires Former Head of Yahoo HotJobs Boss as CEO
July 02, 2008: Workforce Management

Turn Social Networks into Your Recruiter
July 01, 2008: Inc. Technology

Better recruiting through social networks?
June 10, 2008: SystematicHR

Staff Referrals Low
May 15, 2008:

Recruiting Software: You’re Hired!
March 31, 2008: Inc. Technology

How to Thrive in a Recession
February 04, 2008: Blog post by Dan Finnigan on Cheezhead

Highly-paid, well-educated, and employed people use Twitter for constant, background job hunting (Jobvite poll)
November 30, 2007: VentureBeat