Matt Singer

Vice President of Marketing

Matt Singer

Vice President, Marketing

Matt Singer is Jobvite’s fearless marketing leader. He’s officially been in marketing and sales for the past 15 years, but informally for 30+ years starting with cookie, lemonade, and lawn mowing businesses in his neighborhood at the age of 8. Outside of work, Matt is a proud husband, father, and “manphibian.” He tries to spend as much time as possible in the water abalone diving, fishing, and surfing.

A self-proclaimed data geek, Matt has spent his career channeling that data obsession into building great brands and scalable marketing machines. His career in B2B has focused primarily on the world of HR software, but recruiting is his biggest professional passion.

“Like it or not, we spend most of our lives at work. So coming up with innovative ways to help companies find the right talent and jobseekers find the right company is something I’m incredibly passionate about,” Matt says. “This is the most transformative time in the labor market since the dawn of industrialization. Access to information, retiring baby-boomers, increasing demand for skilled labor, and decreasing employee tenure requires constant innovation.

With employees changing jobs every couple years, you have to have the most innovative products in recruiting, and Jobvite has been building those products since its inception.”


  • SuccessFactors – Director of Marketing


  • M.A. in Journalism / Media Studies , University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO
  • B.A. in Economics / Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

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