Robert Tsao

Chief Product Officer

Robert Tsao

Chief Product Officer

Robert Tsao is leading strategic growth and development at Jobvite, a big job that fits the vast background he has in the technology arena. Robert has 20 years of experience building software and Internet companies, and has worked as an entrepreneur, strategy executive, venture capitalist, and investment banker. He founded Upmo and AirSurf, and worked at companies like Taleo, Meltwater Group, and Vertex Management (among others).

This diverse work history has given Robert a multilayered view into how successful businesses operate, a tremendous asset when it comes to supporting Jobvite’s continued growth. As Chief Product Officer, Robert oversees the development and execution of our corporate strategy and proactively identifies opportunities to accelerate growth and profitability.

“We’re living in an innovative age unlike any other, and with its innovation and success, Jobvite is right on the forefront of the Silicon Valley tech battlefield.”


  • Upmo — Co-Founder / VP, Strategy & Business Development
  • Oracle — Sr. Dir., Corporate Strategy, Taleo Corp.
  • Meltwater Group — VP, New Ventures
  • AirSurf Wireless, Inc. — President / Co-Founder
  • Temasek Holdings — VP, Vertex Management Inc.
  • Charles Schwab — Corporate Finance Analyst, SoundView Technology Group


  • B.S. in Physics & Economics, University of California, Berkeley

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