“It’s always challenging to recruit for the kinds of positions we need to fill, but Jobvite has helped us come up with better ways to identify and target the talent we’re looking for.”

Matthew Marconi
Director of Talent Acquisition, Greystone Health Network 


  • Finding specialized talent
  • Candidate communication process
  • Internal management experience



  • 200% increase in career site views
  • Targeted candidate communication plus decrease in drop-off rate to under 10%
  • Greater productivity and management capabilities

With Jobvite, Greystone Gears Up to Deliver Talent-Driven Rehab Service to Patients


At Greystone Healthcare Management, getting patients back home is the name of the game. As a healthcare company managing twenty rehabilitation facilities across Florida and Ohio, occupational, physical and speech therapists — along with nurses and administrators — work hard to get their patients back to optimal health. But running a skilled rehab program requires top specialized talent, and recruiting in such a niche industry is often difficult for large healthcare organizations.

Greystone experienced this firsthand, due to a high turnover rate in the industry and a lack of internal organization to better the process. With over 6,500 employees to manage and more to recruit, Director of Talent Acquisition Matthew Marconi and his team were ready to find new, creative ways to attract talent to the team quickly and efficiently, refining the hiring process while doing so.

After researching, testing and trying out an array of options on the market, Marconi selected Jobvite as the best option for the company’s unique needs. “Using Jobvite has allowed Greystone to give potential candidates and our end-users internally a better experience, and reach more people through the social channels it allows us to integrate with,” says Marconi. “It’s always challenging to recruit for the kinds of positions we need to fill, but Jobvite has helped us come up with better ways to identify and target the talent we’re looking for.” Now, with Jobvite Engage and Jobvite Hire on their side, Greystone has been able to reach relevant candidates, direct attention to their career website and provide internal visibility into the hiring process. Ultimately, Jobvite has helped revamp the company’s entire recruiting strategy for the better.


For Greystone, tracking down quality talent to fill its constantly revolving positions was top priority when implementing a new recruiting system. As Marconi explains, “Hiring candidates at Greystone is challenging, because a lot of new grads and professionals want to work in hospitals or pediatrics. There’s a pretty high burnout rate in the positions we’re recruiting for, so bringing new talent aboard at a fast pace is critical.” Greystone’s biggest barrier to fulfilling these needs? According to Marconi and team, the company’s former archaic system didn’t allow for proper access to — and targeted communication with — the company’s sought-after candidates. Without the ability to reach candidates in the right places, Greystone was at a loss and in need of a solution.

Today, thanks to Jobvite, Greystone has been able to leverage its employees’ social networks, accessing quality candidates right where they are engaged. “We’ve integrated Jobvite with our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels to deliver company and community service updates, job postings and opportunities at our organization,” explains Marconi. “With Jobvite, we’ve been able to create different talent communities on social media — depending on position and role — that allow us to target and “Jobvite” those folks when we have specific needs.” Jobvite has enabled the Greystone team to reach candidates with tailored job openings that fit company needs and candidate strengths, opening a new channel of communication that better serves Greystone’s talent requirements.


It’s not just social media that has helped transform Greystone’s hiring process. Jobvite has also helped Greystone increase its external reach in other ways. Before Jobvite, Greystone relied on an under-utilized employee referral program to get the word out about open positions. “We had an old ATS that was linked with CareerBuilder and Indeed, but it was tough for us to get our internal employees on board,” says Marconi.

Using Jobvite, Greystone has been able to pursue new hires outside of the company’s existing networks, successfully widening its reach and targeting untapped sources of talent. First on the list? Job boards. “We can create a requisition on Jobvite, and through its seamless integration into our job-hosting outlets — like Indeed — Jobvite has increased the amount of candidates from Indeed to almost 80 percent of all applicants,” says Marconi. “Plus, with Jobvite’s user-friendly application, it is easier to apply and applicant drop off has been greatly reduced. Before, our drop off rate was almost 40%. Now it’s under 10%.” Thanks to Jobvite’s resource integration, Marconi and his team have been able to increase Greystone’s candidate pool, bringing added talent to the organization and filling necessary positions.

Jobvite’s reach has also helped Greystone drive more applicants to its career page, which saw drastic improvement after the company implemented Jobvite. “When we switched from our old applicant tracking system to Jobvite, we were attracting about 9,000 unique visitors to our career page every month,” Marconi says. “When we switched to Jobvite, the very next month we had over 30,000 unique visitors. Jobvite has more than doubled the visibility of Greystone to the types of specialized candidates out in the field that we’re looking to attract, professionals we weren’t able to reach before. Using Jobvite Engage we’ve performed several email campaigns, where we’ve reached over 10,000 people. From just one email campaign, we’ve successfully hired six new employees.” With Jobvite, Greystone advanced its external recruiting efforts and attracted new kinds of top talent, which helped the company get its hiring efforts back on track.


Despite careful attention on external hiring efforts, part of Greystone’s focus involved addressing issues that the company was having on the inside. Before implementing Jobvite, hiring managers were bogged down with antiquated requisition processes, lack of data and difficulty keeping candidates statused, organized and up-to-date. “Our last ATS was not user-friendly,” says Marconi. “The poor end user experience was the driving force behind our decision to switch to Jobvite — we needed a new process that offered easy access for our team at every step of the way, but that didn’t waste productive time.”

Greystone’s return on its Jobvite investment came back in spades. Now, instead of wasting time and productivity managing candidates by hand, hiring managers can spend more time making crucial hiring decisions and vetting quality candidates. “Jobvite, and the integration it has allowed with our hiring strategy, has given our hiring managers and end users an experience that is second to none, as it allows them to get into the system and look for candidates proactively,” explains Marconi. The Greystone team can now prioritize their talent pool, leaving a paper-heavy, disorganized system behind in favor of a candidate-centric process.

After difficulty finding, targeting and keeping quality candidates in the hard-to-staff healthcare industry, Greystone was ready for a change. Thanks to its partnership with Jobvite — and the system’s social media integration, job board networks and internal management refinement — Greystone has increased traffic to its career site by 200 percent and has hired several essential candidates through Jobvite campaigns. According to Marconi, “We appreciate the ability that Jobvite has given us to increase our reach to new mediums that we couldn’t access before. Jobvite allowed us to start implementing our social recruiting strategy, and we’re excited to see where we can grow from here.” As the organization gears up for a successful, talent-driven future, Greystone is slated to deliver skilled rehabilitation therapy and patient service for years to come.


Greystone Healthcare Management manages skilled nursing, assisted living and home healthcare communities across Florida and Ohio. Greystone provides the highest quality customer service and member care. www.greystonehealth.com.