Find great talent on Facebook

Facebook Apps

Jobvite offers two applications that make it easy to find great talent on Facebook. Work With Us helps recruiters put the power of Jobvite directly on a company’s Facebook page, while our Jobvite Facebook Application helps you share jobs and match skills to Facebook connections automatically. Both apps are incredibly simple to install and use.

Work With Us

Make better use of the audience you’ve got on Facebook. This nifty app lets you create a Jobs tab on any Facebook company or fan page.

  • Use the tab to organize and display your available job listings directly within Facebook. (Listings are automatically updated, too!)
  • Any visitor to your page can then search those listings, send Jobvites, or apply for a job without leaving Facebook.
  • Because it links directly to your Jobvite solution, you can see and track any application submitted through the app.

Jobvite Facebook Application

With this innovative app, you can make the most of everyone’s Facebook connections.

  • Recruiters and employees can easily search their friend networks for potential matches to available jobs. It’s not magic—it’s our proprietary matching technology.
  • Users can then privately invite matches to apply for jobs right from within Facebook.
  • When employees refer a connection, they’ll get credit!
  • Applicants can check their hiring status at any time, too.
  • Even if your employees aren’t soliciting referrals, their Facebook friends can still see that you’re hiring!