Recruitment CRM

Enable your team to build, enrich, and share talent.

Jobvite Recruiting CRM

Shared spreadsheets and homegrown solutions—even many existing Applicant Tracking Systems—just don’t cut it when it comes to managing a talent pool. They lack the tools necessary to track and maintain current prospect data by skill set, especially across an entire recruiting team. Jobvite Engage is a robust solution that enables your team to build, enrich, and share a valuable database of talent.

With Jobvite Engage, you get one centralized, intuitive platform that empowers your company to manage all of its sourcing programs and see the results clearly.

  • Proactively and efficiently seek the right talent using integrated web and resume database search
  • Quickly build your talent pool with fast importing through bulk upload, drag & drop, and email
  • Equip your recruiting team to perform their jobs with specific, personalized dashboards
  • Automatically and accurately track candidate sources, providing real-time source effectiveness metrics
  • Let prospects add themselves to your talent pool from any web page, using innovative tools like CommunityBuilder and the Join Us App
  • Integrate data from multiple sources into single, easy-to-use system