Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Not your traditional applicant tracking system.


While the applicant tracking system has come a long way in the last ten years, only Jobvite Hire has truly kept pace with the job market’s massive cultural changes. Today, social network recruiting is the new norm. Effective recruitment marketing is imperative. And an intuitive interface is not a cool feature—it’s an expectation.

Jobvite Hire is an efficient web-based ATS designed to meet all of these demands, so you can recruit more effectively and competitively. Unlike other applicant tracking solutions that force you to stop your workflow and launch additional software, Jobvite Hire delivers all relevant applicant data right to your fingertips.

  • Create workflows and forms that map to your  business processes and social sourcing needs
  • Use email to intuitively prepare and route requisition and offer approvals
  • Share applicant tracking data with hiring managers—via email and hiring manager self-service
  • Leverage a robust, searchable candidate database with data import and parsing
  • View a dynamic LinkedIn profile in the candidate detail page
  • Check activity feeds for tracking history
  • Integrate Outlook and Google calendars for free/busy check with drag-and-drop scheduling tool
  • Accelerate, enhance, and build consistency in the applicant screening process with Jobvite Video

To learn about the transformation of the modern ATS, check our our eBook “Phoenix from the Ashes: How Innovation Will Help the ATS Rise Again.”

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