New Home Page Dashboard

The new entry point into Jobvite Hire, the Home Page Dashboard summarizes all the essential recruiting process information from Jobvite on one easy-to-read and action-oriented page. Check out some of the hot new features!

Jobvite Hire Home Page Dashboard

Role-based insight

Get a quick yet detailed view into your recruiting process through various new home page widgets. Each widget contains different recruiting information that you can make accessible according to job role. For example:

  • Recruiters can keep tabs on everything related to their open requisitions, including applicant status, hiring team action items, and more.
  • Hiring managers can see all upcoming interviews at a glance or check for any items that require approval.
  • Employees can easily see the status of their referrals and view important company announcements.

Customizable layout & widgets too!

Employees can customize the Home Page Dashboard to display the information that’s most important to them, in the format they prefer. You’ll be able to:

  • Personalize your view. Simply drag-and-drop widgets where you’d like to see them on the Home Page Dashboard.
  • Tailor your information. Customize individual widgets to filter and sort data, so everything you see is relevant to your job.
Customizable Home Page Analytics Dashboard
Action Oriented

Action-oriented display

The new Home Page Dashboard doesn’t just show you essential information—it now also becomes the springboard for users to access more information or take action.

  • Get more detail. Drill down from a widget to go directly into a requisition or candidate profile to uncover additional information about any item.
  • Take direct action. Approve requisitions or job offers, or check off completed tasks directly from the Home Page Dashboard.

Mobile-friendly experience

The new dashboard layout and widgets automatically adapt to provide a great user experience on mobile devices. View all your widgets and take action on-the-go, from reviewing candidates to approving offers, so your recruiting workflow never stalls.

Mobile Friendly