2017 Recruiting Software Buyer’s Guide



Ready to invest in a recruiting solution? To find the right solution, there are several critical questions you need to ask yourself about what you expect from the technology and how you will use it. We at Jobvite live and breathe the recruiting business and we’ve put together a list of key questions to help guide your recruiting platform decision-making process. Answering these questions honestly and clearly will ensure that you pick the right recruiting software for your organization—one that will serve you well today and for many years to come.


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1. How easy is it for your recruiting team to use?


According to Capterra, recruiting software can improve your hiring process and efficiency by 94%. Ease of use is critically important because it determines if your recruiters will actually use the software. Your team doesn’t have time to figure out clunky features or processes that slow them down. To maximize adoption across your organization, choose a recruiting solution that has:

  • A customizable dashboard that surfaces the most important information that your recruiters need to take immediate action on
  • A clean interface that makes it simple for anyone to learn
  • Built in smart scheduling functionality and email templates across different calendars (Outlook, Gmail, and more) so that your recruiters don’t have to work in two different systems to get the job done

2. How easy is it for candidates to use?


Did you know that 76% of job seekers prefer to apply through a career site? Did you know that when faced with a career site that’s complicated, difficult to use, or requires more than a few clicks, 48% of those potential candidates will abandon the effort and drop out? PotentialPark proved that it’s true in a recent study of over 23,000 job seekers. In this hot job market, delivering a great candidate experience can make or break your ability to attract and hire top talent. When looking at a recruiting solution that will power your career site, make sure it includes:

  • A simple apply process that allows candidates to submit their resume without signing in or registering
  • A responsive and simplified mobile apply process that works on all devices
  • A completely customizable user experience so that your career site and corporate website are consistently branded

3. How easy is it for your hiring team to use?


While frustrating, it’s not uncommon for it to take days or sometimes weeks for hiring teams to approve requisitions, evaluate potential candidates, and submit their interview feedback forms. In fact, the hiring team is often the biggest bottleneck in the recruiting process. And that bottleneck can extend your time-to-fill and negatively impact your performance. So, choose a recruiting solution that:

  • Makes it easy for hiring teams to take action on a candidate quickly and conveniently when they are on the go
  • Gives hiring teams direct access to weed out unqualified candidates, check interview times, and submit candidate evaluations
  • Has an advanced scheduler that automatically checks free/busy times for each interviewer and suggests the best times to conduct each interview
  • Supports your global recruiting team with multiple languages
  • Allows you to collaborate with your entire hiring team from anywhere, at any time—with one click on any mobile device

4. Does it support the whole recruiting funnel— sourcing, hiring, and onboarding?


Recruiting is not just one activity. Each requisition requires hundreds of small actions that move the process forward—ultimately toward a successful hire. A truly comprehensive recruiting solution should take every stage of the recruiting funnel into account—from sourcing through onboarding. It’s much more than a standard ATS and simple job posting templates. Look for recruiting software that:

  • Has a central, easily searchable CRM that holds your entire talent pool
  • Makes it easy for your employees to share job openings in their networks via hundreds of social media properties globally
  • Supports internal hiring with a secure internal career site that seamlessly tracks internal candidates throughout the process
  • Includes an integrated onboarding platform to coordinate, communicate, and complete onboarding activities with ease and ensure an excellent new hire experience

5. Do you know how your recruiting program is performing against your goals?


With a recruiting platform that supports the whole funnel, you have access to a tremendous amount of data that will give you visibility and insight into how your recruiting program is performing. Advanced analytics allow you to surface insights and report on goals with ease. And those insights enables you to make more informed decisions about what’s working and what isn’t. Whatever metrics you use to assess your recruiting performance, make sure that the recruiting platform you choose has:

  • Analytics embedded throughout the application, including in the requisition page and candidate profile to showcase progress
  • Standard and customizable reports that show metrics such as time-to-hire and career website traffic
  • Integration with big data and business intelligence software so that you can merge different data sets (such as recruiting data with performance data) to slice, dice, and analyze them according to your needs
  • Industry data and benchmark reports that allow you to compare the performance of your recruiting program against that of companies of comparable size and industry

6. How well will your recruiting software partner support you?


Even if you have the most intuitive and well-crafted technology available, you will inevitably need help at some point—whether you experience a glitch in the system or need a deeper level of training on a particular feature or capability. Look for vendors with award-winning customer service teams that have high NPS scores—between 8-10. The software vendor you choose should offer the following customer service and support services:

  • 24/5 availability
  • A dedicated account manager for premier customers
  • Multiple support channels: email, chat, phone, and community engagement

7. How secure is the platform?


Security is top of mind particularly with the number of high profile threats and security breaches that seem to make the news on a weekly basis. Recruiting professionals deal with some of the most sensitive and confidential information every day—information that bad guys and hackers consider to be valuable. So that you can sleep soundly at night, make sure that your recruiting platform is fully protected—the application and the data—with the latest security technology, including:

  • Standard industry compliance certifications including ISO27001:2013, 27017, and 27018, SSAE16 SOC 1, 2, and 3, NIST, and others
  • Encryption of the most sensitive personal data
  • Role-based controls so that hiring managers, hiring teams, and recruiters all have tailored permissions and views into the data

We hope that this buyer’s guide was helpful as you evaluate recruiting software vendors and find the right platform. This is an important decision, so choose wisely. The right technology can dramatically increase your performance and make you a hero in your organization. We’ve found that Jobvite customers typically see a 27% lift in time-to-hire, an 18% increase in referral hiring, and a 30% reduction in candidate acquisition costs.

Jobvite is the industry leader in recruiting software that helps emerging, mid-market, and enterprise companies hire top talent easily, efficiently, and effectively. Our comprehensive and analytics-drivenrecruiting platform accelerates recruiting with an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS), social recruiting capabilities, mobile-optimized branded career sites, a recruiting branding solution, on-demand video screening, advanced analytics, onboarding, and seamless integration with other HR systems. Focused exclusively on recruiting software since 2006, with offices in San Mateo and London, Jobvite has thousands of customers including LinkedIn, Schneider Electric, Amway, Zappos, and GoDaddy. To learn more & request a free demo, visit www. jobvite.com or follow us @Jobvite

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