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Year: 2017

How LinkedIn’s Recruiting Team Became Data-DrivenI recently sat down with Mary Price, who is at LinkedIn as their Head of Talent Acquisition for Marketing and Sales Solutions in the Americas and Head of Talent Acquisition for LATAM. Mary has quite the...Read More
Promoting Diversity with Applicant Tracking TechnologyToday’s changing workforce would barely be recognizable to HR staff members of 50 years ago. Diversity sourcing has become more common because studies show that a diversified workforce leads to higher revenue, more trusted brands, increased...Read More
Jobvite Partners with Google to Improve the Job Search ExperienceAsk anyone. Candidate experience matters, particularly when starting a job search. It’s about making sure that your employer brand and open positions find the right candidates at the right time. That’s why we are excited to share...Read More
Top Three Talent Acquisition Strategies of 2017In today’s competitive and interconnected job market, HR professionals are working overtime to keep the talent pipeline well-stocked. Attracting and retaining top talent is a major priority right now (in fact, over 83% of recruiting leaders...Read More
7 Ways to Improve Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)So much of your recruiting success depends on your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)—so why rely on an outdated system? Improving the quality, consistency, and efficiency of your ATS will help you source and hire great candidates...Read More
Discover How Recruiting Software Makes Hiring Easier and FasterTime is money, and one of the most time-consuming processes that takes place in an organization is the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of qualified candidates. Many organizations have multiple human resources staffers dedicated to recruiting, and...Read More
How to Improve the Candidate Experience with An AuditPeople talk. It doesn’t matter if those people are customers or candidates. For better or worse, candidates are very likely to share their experiences with their peers. While companies routinely clamor for customer feedback and praise,...Read More
Tips for Optimizing your Career WebsiteIf a lot of the applications that your organization receives are not quite right, perhaps your career site and/or job postings have a keyword problem. According to Huffington Post blogger Susan P. Joyce , it is...Read More
Build a Great Corporate Culture with Outstanding HiresThe way a business acquires new recruits plays a critical role in the overall culture of any company. If a company goes about filling jobs in a haphazard manner that focuses on as-needed hires, the culture...Read More
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