Jobvite Blog: Today’s Recruiting Trends

Author: Angela Lee

3 Applicant Tracking System Hacks to Attract the Best Candidates

Attracting qualified candidates is a strategic game of appealing to the right people and holding their interest throughout the hiring process. This seems simple enough in theory, but there are some key factors in an applicant...

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An Insider’s Look: What Happens to My Resume After I Apply?

If you're like anyone else who's ever searched for a job online, you've probably wondered if anyone even looks at your resume. Submissions can be quick and easy, allowing you to distribute your resume further in...

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Start Anywhere: 4 Candidate-centric Recruiting Strategies to Reduce Time to Fill

The recruiting world is changing. Candidates expect to engage where they live – on their mobile devices and through whatever channel they’re currently engaged with, from video to chat platforms to social media networks. But it’s...

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