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Author: Tony Restell

Four Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For This Coming Year

If you’ve been following my series of recruiting articles here on Jobvite, then you’re hopefully approaching the next 12 months with a renewed optimism about the results you’ll be able to generate from social media. But...

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Turning To Snapchat To Reach Millennial Talent

If you’ve been following our series on Social Recruiting effectiveness, then you’ll hopefully have become increasingly adept at using mainstream social media channels for recruitment--the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. But should you also be...

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5 Essential Tools To Boost Your Social Recruiting Effectiveness

In our series on social recruiting effectiveness, we’ve talked a lot about ways you can attract and engage candidates with social media. We’ve looked at specific approaches you can use on the various social sites. But...

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Invaluable Lessons I’ve Learned From 5 Top Talents on Social Media

In my recent series on social recruiting here on Jobvite's blog, I've helped you with specific tactics and approaches to be more effective at recruiting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In today's post I'd like to...

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4 Ideas That’ll Boost Your Recruiting Effectiveness on Facebook

Welcome to the third post in our three part series on excelling at social recruiting through more effective use of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In the first post we looked at 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn...

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5 Ways to Recruit More Effectively on Twitter

Welcome to the second in our three part series on using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for social recruiting. In the first post we looked at 10 ways to use LinkedIn to attract, source, and approach your...

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10 Social Recruiting Ideas to Try on LinkedIn

Welcome to the first in a three part series on using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for Social Recruiting. According to Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation Study, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. Are you...

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Boosting Your Employer Branding with Social Media

Recruiters are no strangers to social media. In the realm of candidate sourcing, it’s now seen by many as indispensable. For candidate attraction, social media has become an essential channel. But what of employer branding? How...

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5 Signs You’re Doing Social Recruiting Wrong

There's something fascinating about talking to recruiters regarding their experiences with social recruiting. If you conduct dozens of social media consultations each month, you tend to start encountering a lot of the same shortcomings and challenges....

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