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Four Famous TV Scenes That Showed Us What Not to Do in a Job Interview

Getting everything right in a job interview can sometimes feel like an impossible task with unattainable expectations. At times, it may even seem as though circumstances are somehow aligned against you once you have chosen a certain path. The four scenes examined in this post are probably a bit extreme for most people, but they illustrate how quickly things can get out of control. Although the following examples are designed to be amusing, it is important to note there are some valuable lessons in examining these situations that can be applied to your applicant tracking system.

The Office: Daryl Gets Too Enthusiastic After a Job Interview

Feeling like you did everything right in an interview is a very uplifting sensation that can make you a little too exuberant. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to refrain from outward physical displays of overconfidence. Instead, try to maintain humility and a calm demeanor during this process because it will give the impression you perform well under pressure.

Parks and Recreation: Jean Ralfio Lists Irrelevant Qualifications

In this clip, you get to see a good example of why it is important to learn about what your prospective employer is looking for. Jean Ralfio may be able to handle the responsibilities of the position he applies for, but his completely inappropriate approach to the interview ensures he will not be acceptable. Knowing someone who can get you looked at isn’t usually enough, and steps must be taken to properly prepare for vetting by using a talent acquisition software.

Friends: Rachel Lies During Her Job Interview

The sheer coincidence of this scenario is unlikely, but the evolution of the workplace to a more remote variety makes such an occurrence more likely than ever before. However, you will hear Rachel deal with being overheard by her current employer during an undisclosed interview by trying to lie rather than simply being vague. This is a bad idea under any circumstance, and first confronting the boss you already have with your aspirations could help you achieve your goals and avoid the changeover.

The Big Bang Theory: Penny Is a Little Too Honest

Here is another example where giving out too much information is displayed. It is perfectly normal to be a bit nervous for an interview, but allowing yourself to overshare can be catastrophic at times like these. The best advice is to try to stick to the highlights of your experience and career skills to refrain from any messy or complicated and unnecessary explanations that might hurt your chances of being hired.

The Bottom Line

While nobody is perfect and employers are well aware of that fact, it is nonetheless critical to your success to ensure you take the time to make adequate preparations when applying for a new position. The clips found here demonstrated several actions not to take if you want to leave with a good chance of making it to the next step. For many recruiters, how well a candidate fits into company culture determines how likely they are to be brought on board, so try not to overdo it at the beginning.

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