Jobvite Blog: Today’s Recruiting Trends

Job Shopping

How’s your week going? Do you wish you loved your job? Then take a look around.   If you do love your job, do some window shopping. You may find something perfect for a friend. How about:

Good at taming wild animals? Or maybe you want your teenager to appreciate how tough it is to be a parent. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a position open as Apprentice Trainer on Tiger Island.

Do you think you have a future in super premium chocolate? Godiva values a rich assortment of people. (And they know how to write a mouth watering job description.) You could be Director of Global Innovation, leading lead global teams of marketing, retail sales, analytics and product development.

Would life be better if you were surrounded by high fashion? Gilt is looking for a Senior Director of Human Resources. Gilt Group provides invitation-only access to coveted fashion and luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail.

How about taking your social media ideas for innovation to Google as Director of Product Management, Social? I hear that bacon is a venerated form of cuisine at the GOOG.

Or you could play with an Apple iPad all day long as an iPad Reliabilty Engineer – though you would have to know something about Failure Analysis analytical techniques  like Optical Microscopy, X-Ray, SEM/EDS, FTIR, and XPS.

A dream job for college students? That’s the College Lifestyle Marketing Representative for Univerisal Music Group.

Are you Always On? NPR is hiring a Reporter/Correspondent who can break news and doesn’t mind relocating.

Here’s one for the fast crowd: Inside Sales Rep for Tesla Motors. You can worship at the altar of the fast, sexy car and feel green about it.

Would you be green even if you were all alone on an island? The Island Conservation Group is looking for a Chief Scientist.

There aren’t enough jobs to go around right now, but there are some pretty fascinating ones out there.  Pass them on!