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Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Engaged with Jobvite Engage

Jobvite - Improve Your Candidate Experience: 4 Tips from Industry ExpertsI attended SourceCon with some of my teammates last week and there were a lot of good discussions on engaging with your talent pipeline.  With the Jobvite Engage CRM our customers can create an unlimited number of email campaigns to engage their pipeline over time and ultimately convert them into high-quality candidates.  Some example campaign types suggested at the conference include:

  • Introduction
    • Introducing yourself, the organization, etc.
  • Company Newsletters
    • Regularly sharing general company announcements, executive presentations, videos, etc.
  • Events
    • Invitations to career fairs, meet ups, etc.
  • Holiday
    • Emailing holiday cards such as New Years, December holidays, etc.
  • “Follow” and “Like” Us:
    • An invitation to follow their Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin profiles
  • Employee Referral
    • Sent to internal employees, which typically outlines the organization’s referral program and can feature specific hard to fill roles

Segmenting your pipeline into campaigns with Jobvite Engage is fast and easy, it can be done in bulk and as you bring new contacts into the CRM.  Users can schedule campaigns to be delivered in the future and measure engagement to understand what’s working.  You can also easily do A/B testing to optimize performance.

These are just some popular campaign examples.  Do you have some to share?  Please post them below!

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