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Trustwave Cruises to Success After Partnering with Jobvite

Learn how a security tech company decreased the cost and increased the quality of its hires.

Since its founding in 1995, Trustwave has worked to maintain compliance and security for its customers. Now, over 20 years later, Trustwave has grown to nearly 2,000 employees located around the world, all of whom work diligently to ensure that customers in fields such as hospitality, financial services, and government are protected from cyber threats, data vulnerabilities, and other risks. And to continue providing their valuable services, Trustwave is always in need of highly skilled employees. 

Trustwave recognizes the need for change. 

While Trustwave has seen massive growth since its founding, much of their recruiting technology and processes still worked like it was 1995. With manual candidate tracking and spreadsheets weighing their recruiting team down, filling requisitions in an organized, timely manner was a challenge.  

But Trustwave knew that to keep up with the company’s ambitious goals, they’d need to embrace a more agile solution. After researching different types of applicant tracking systems (ATS), they chose Jobvite to help further their business goals and recruiting efforts. 

These are some of the biggest strategies and tools that Trustwave implemented for an approach that improved every part of their recruiting process. 

They centralized their candidate data and processes.  

One of the first and most significant pain points Trustwave tackled with Jobvite was organizational issues like storing contact information, searching for candidates, and scheduling interviews. As an organization in the compliance and security space, having this information safely stored and backed up in one centralized location is crucial. 

As luck would have it, the work to centralize their recruiting data and processes came just as Trustwave underwent a periodic compliance audit. Mike Smart, Director of Talent Acquisition at Trustwave, explains that a successful audit “would have been nearly impossible if we were still using spreadsheets — that kind of data is suspect at best. But with Jobvite, we can easily show all of our information and demonstrate that there have been no material changes in our business and processes. That audit trail has proved to be monumentally important.” 

They streamlined their workflows. 

After Trustwave centralized all their recruiting information, their team saw a quick and somewhat unexpected result: their workflows became streamlined and they were able to start working collaboratively with the hiring team. Smart summarized the benefits of streamlined workflows by saying: 

“Once we started with Jobvite, we developed a much more rigorous process. Now, we can bring in other teams like finance and HR to help us plan and hire more proactively. Allowing different departments to weigh in has empowered them to drive growth in our organization.” 

They made waves with proactive recruiting. 

Between centralized data and a collaborative talent team, they were excited to make the shift to proactive recruiting. They were able to find, attract, hire, and engage job seekers from the candidate stage through the onboarding process. They moved away from using agencies to leveraging employee referrals; they built and nurtured talent pipelines; and they reached out to top-notch candidates who hadn’t accepted previous positions with new opportunities.   

The results of investing in new tech and improved organization. 

Both Jobvite and Trustwave were elated with the results. Trustwave saw significant cost savings, and Smart estimates that recruiting in-house with Jobvite rather than using an agency saved the company at least $500 per hire. And with this reduction in cost came an increase in quality. 

Check out the full customer story to learn more about Trustwave’s recruiting success. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any of your recruiting tech and process questions. We’d love to help.


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