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Beware: 7 Sins of Healthcare Recruiting

Hiring in the healthcare industry has never been tougher. Demand for highly specialized, skilled positions, such as registered nurses, emergency room physicians, pharmacists, administrators, and biotech engineers is particularly fierce. And with the shortage of skilled talent in healthcare, you need every tool in your arsenal to lure the best passive candidates away from their current jobs.

If you’re struggling to find and attract the best of the best in healthcare, then maybe it’s time to examine your recruiting strategy. Are you clinging to the same old methods to source candidates? Neglecting to nurture in-demand talent and watching them flee to the competition?

You’re not alone. Based on our work with thousands of companies, we’ve identified the “seven sins” in healthcare recruiting. These are the bad habits or outdated approaches that may be holding you back from finding and attracting the best possible talent. Here are some of the most common “sins.”

“I can find candidates, but I can’t engage them.”

Today, nurses, physicians, clinical staff, administrators, and bioscientists are relatively easy to find. But they are difficult to lure away from their current places of employment. It’s particularly tricky to connect with these passive candidates, so you really need to understand what motivates them and draws them in—and then target them at the right place and right time. To do this effectively, you need the right tools in hand.

“I don’t have time to source candidates proactively.”

It’s no secret healthcare recruiting is tough work. Demand for skilled healthcare positions far outstrips supply. Plus, the turnover rate of these positions is generally high—roughly 38-40%. That means you need a strategy for proactively and creatively finding candidates—before you even need them. What are some best practices for proactive recruiting? From social recruiting, to employee referral programs, to engagement campaigns—there are myriad ways to harness the power of your employees’ networks to efficiently find and nurture great candidates before you even have an open req.

“I found the ideal candidate. It’s up to the hiring manager now.”

As the recruiter, you’re the expert in finding the best talent out there and then attracting them and compelling them to apply to your open positions. It’s a fine art. But once you’ve enticed them, your job is only beginning. You’re now the conduit from the candidate to the hiring manager. And you have a crucial role to play. Because if you don’t help manage the candidate experience throughout the hiring process, then you may simply turn out to be an endless sourcing machine. The end goal is turn that great candidate into a stellar employee and you can be there every step of the way.

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