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Use Jobvite Video to Identify Top Talent

Jobvite - blogThere was a great article on in December, “One Skill That Will Boost Your Value By Fifty Percent in 2014”. The gist of the article is that mastering the skill of public speaking will substantially increase your future earnings potential. The reason for the substantial benefit this skill has on an individuals earning potential is a direct result of the value this skill brings to the companies that employ them. Given this, wouldn’t it be nice, as a recruiter, to have a way to quickly find these individuals? Unfortunately, resumes are terrible tools for doing so, especially, for younger workers just entering the workforce.

Phone screens may help eliminate poor communicators, but rarely help identify the standouts. That is because so much of this skill is measured by intangibles that do not come across over the phone. Unfortunately, if you wait until an in-person interview is both expensive and time consuming.

Jobvite Video can help recruiters identify this skill much earlier in the recruiting process. Video screening, not only allows recruiters to measure an individuals qualifications for the specific position they are applying for, but it also allows you to measure their ability to think on their feet and communicate effectively. And each of these videos can be shared with the hiring manager so that, they too, can measure a candidate. Contact Jobvite to learn how Jobvite Video can help you hire candidates with the best communication skills.

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