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Top 5 HR Infographics of 2013

We’ve seen a lot happen in 2013 with respect to recruiting, sourcing, and referrals. In particular, many interesting statistics have come to light that showcase how much has changed in our industry. Candidates are different. Jobs are different. Social connectivity has expanded. Skill sets have been redefined. And all of these things, when viewed collectively, point to a larger evolution on the horizon—one where recruiters will rethink how they do their jobs, and what tools will make them most successful.

On that note, I’d like to share with you again the 5 most influential HR infographics of 2013, all of which highlight the direction in which we’re now headed.

1. The Search for the Pink Unicorn – This infographic reminded us that the quest for an elusive A-list candidate in today’s competitive market requires the right hunting tactics.

2. The Recruiting Funnel Defined – As recruiting becomes more closely related to marketing, this infographic outlined the process by which savvy recruiters can consistently turn prospects into hires.
3. Social Recruiting Survey Results – Our 6th annual Social Recruiting Survey stats revealed optimistic trends in social networking. Do you remember which social media site came out on top?
4Catching the Big Fish – Wondering how to source more strategically and net better applicants? This graphic offered 5 insightful tips to help you make the most of new technology.
5. You are Here, But You’re On The Move – Technology means nothing if you can’t use it. This infographic showed us how the success of your Applicant Tracking System depends more on its usability than on a laundry list of bells and whistles.


Take a look back at the numbers and knowledge that shaped our year. Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and let us know what impacted you the most!