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2014 Job Seeker Nation Study: Mobility in the Workforce

What is a “high mobility” worker—and why should you care?

Jobvite-Mobility in the WorkforceIf you’re in the recruiting industry, you’ve no doubt noticed that some candidates seem better equipped to transition between jobs and advance their careers, while others seem stuck in their positions—despite any attempts to move up.  We call this trait “job mobility,” and we’ve just released a new report that helps you pinpoint the characteristics of workers who are both “high mobility” and “low mobility.” These characteristics—which include things like level of education, usage of social media, and choice of mobile devices—are critical to understand, as they can help you better assess applicants at the start of the hiring process. Using data from our 2014 Job Seeker Nation study, our report highlights how these factors come into play, so recruiters can better predict the mobility of an employee, weigh that against the job requirements, and then use that information to hire more strategically.