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Kick Off the New Year with our Top 5 Downloads of 2016

From all of us at Jobvite, we hope you enjoyed a magical holiday season full of family, friends, and relaxation. It’s hard to believe, but the new year is already upon us. At Jobvite, our New Year’s resolution is simple—to help you make 2017 your best recruiting and hiring year ever.

We want to share some of our most popular blog posts and eBooks that are brimming with advice and recommendations designed to help give you an advantage as you plan your recruiting strategy for 2017.

  • Check out our 9th annual 2016 Recruiter Nation Study and learn the mindset and methodologies behind today’s hiring trends—from thousands of your recruiting and HR professional peers.
  • The Ultimate 6 Secrets to Hiring Top Talent eBook is the secret weapon you need to steer quality candidates to the pipeline and away from the competition. You’ll learn how to ramp up your recruiting data, successfully hire passive candidates, and build stronger relationships with your hiring managers.
  • The hot new term in recruiting and HR is “recruitment marketing.” Read our blog post, “What is Recruitment Marketing?”and learn how to think like a modern marketer in order to effectively source, manage, and nurture passive talent — before they apply to your job.
  • Do you know how much your company spends on agency hires? Do you know which recruiting channels are most valuable? If you can’t answer these questions you’re not alone. Read our blog post, “3 Steps to Become a Metrics Driven Recruiter” and get all the advice you need to be a recruiting metrics powerhouse in no time.
  • Check out the 2016 Job Seeker Nation Study blog post and download the full study to learn how today’s job seekers feel about their current job, their changing attitudes towards job hopping, and their fears that robots and automation may eliminate their jobs.

Our warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful 2017!