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Social Recruiting: An Industry Leader Grows by Word of Mouth

The recruiting team at Yelp recently gave us an insider view on how they have been driving dramatic growth in hiring – the company has doubled in size over the past year.

A Yelp Snapshot

Yelp helps users find local businesses of any kind and allows them to rate and share their opinions with other consumers. Rated one of the top 50 Best Places to Work by San Francisco Business Times, Yelp looks for energetic candidates who can keep it “Funny, Useful and Cool”. Earlier this year, the company opened a new office in Scottsdale, Arizona, and launched the site in France, Germany and Austria.

Here are a few takeaways on what’s working at Yelp:

  • Focus on retention: the organization is focused on keeping and developing the talent already at Yelp; those motivated, engaged employees not only stay on, but help out by encouraging others to join.
  • Get employees involved: Yelp makes it easy for all employees to refer candidates; even at this year’s rapid pace of growth, employee referrals have provided a consistent, high quality source of hires with 33% of hires made through referrals.
  • Use the power of social media: social media provides individual channels for employees to share information and tell their own stories about the company. Word of mouth is a powerful way to spread the word among qualified networks.
  • Make your career site work for you: this site communicates not only open positions, but what it’s like to work at the company. Notice the posts by employees in various positions who talk about what it’s like to work at Yelp.
  • Stay on top of key metrics: the team keeps a close eye on the yield of various candidate sources and adjusts strategy in response. Tracking embedded into referrals, social recruiting and advertising gives the team real-time visibility into performance of candidate sources.

“Motivated, engaged employees talk about the jobs they love and encourage other talented people to join. They naturally become a part of the extended recruiting team.”

Rachel Williams, Recruiting Manager at Yelp

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