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Accelerate the Recruiting Process with Texting

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For job applicants, the waiting time to hear back about a position seems infinite. With traditional talent acquisition software, applicants wait days or weeks for a hiring manager’s decision. But now, there’s a tool that significantly shortens hiring time: texting. Of the companies who have used it for hiring, more than 90 percent say it significantly reduces their hiring time. About 78 percent of job seekers got jobs through texts and mobile devices in 2016. Here’s how texting can help you hire star candidates faster.

Faster and More Flexible Communication

People spend an average of five hours a day on mobile devices. They might use a computer during work, but at home, they’re usually on their phones. Research shows that the response rate for reading a text (30 percent) is much higher than an email read rate (4 percent). Incorporating texting into your recruiting strategy saves significant amounts of time. It also opens up a two-way dialogue between the hiring manager and applicants. Asking simple “yes” or “no” questions provides the best response times and makes applicants feel most comfortable. Candidates can also contact you with their questions. If they’re hired, text-based communications facilitate onboarding, too.

Improves Recruiting Efficiency

Productivity is essential in the workplace. As a busy HR manager, you know how time-consuming it is to go through the hiring process. From start to finish, texting makes your hiring process much more efficient. Using text-based recruiting solutions, hiring managers can post a number where the targeted candidate demographic is likely to be. Candidates can view the job role and submit an application by texting the number. If they meet the qualifications, they can sign up for an interview from a list of times. Applicants can also opt in to get text updates on a job’s status. Instead of contacting prospective hires individually about their status, you’ll reach many at once.

Expedites Pre-Screening Processes

For many people, screening candidates adds another job to daily responsibilities. Eliminating applicants who aren’t a good fit up front saves time for everyone. Just by talking to candidates through texts, you’ll learn a lot about them and their qualifications. You can also provide details like benefits, perks, and company information. Candidates appreciate the fast communication, and you can select the most qualified individuals. Additionally, you can also collect data about applicants through texts linked to your recruiting software. This helps other interviewers and hiring managers weigh in on whether or not a candidate is worth pursuing.

Replaces Traditional Interviews

A productive hiring manager can handle four to six phone interviews daily. With the help of texting, that number increases to 10. Calling candidates over the phone or inviting them in for an interview takes time as you typically question them one by one. By screening applicants through text interviews, however, you’ll be able to ask them pre-selected questions and record their responses instantly. You can also carry on multiple conversations at once. Only the most qualified candidates will be selected for follow-up interviews.

With the advent of mobile devices, lengthy job hiring processes are part of the past. Hiring managers are turning to the power of text messages to expedite the pre-screening process, conduct interviews more easily, shorten hiring time, and whittle down candidate pools much more quickly.

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