Jobvite Blog: Today’s Recruiting Trends

Discover How Recruiting Software Makes Hiring Easier and Faster

Time is money, and one of the most time-consuming processes that takes place in an organization is the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of qualified candidates. Many organizations have multiple human resources staffers dedicated to recruiting, and managers may also have to spend a lot of their time with recruiting, interviewing and related tasks. With applicant tracking systems and recruiting software, your company can enjoy an increased level of efficiency with every step of the process.

Maintain a Pre-Qualified Pool of Talent
One of the top ways that your organization can more efficiently recruit and hire people is to use your tracking software to maintain a pre-qualified pool of talent. This would be a pool of people who have applied for jobs in the past, but you did not hire them at the time. The time that you spent interviewing them is not wasted if you archive their information and refer to it when posting a similar job opening, advises K. J. Henderson. Instead of having to go through the hassle of posting the opening, letting the software do its thing and interviewing even more candidates, you might be able to choose one who has already expressed interest and proven his or her skills and experience.

Take on an Optimal Volume of Applications
Business Insider’s Sue Parker explains that applicant tracking systems are in use by at least 70 percent of employers. The software allows your organization to process hundreds of applications for every job that you post. Since most employers allow for online application submission, this allows candidates to quickly apply for a job. The ease of applying is what is driving the higher number of applications. Consider customizing your software if too low or too high of a percentage of the applications are rejected by it.

Streamline Your Internal Processes
The time that it takes your company’s human resources staff members to read resumes, match up skills to descriptions, verify educational credentials and professional certifications, check references and run background checks could be better spent doing other things. Berkshire Associates advises that applicant tracking software can do all of this for you with its connections to a variety of databases and integrations. Instead of using your staff to do all the work listed above, the software will do it for you. This frees up your HR people to set up pre-recorded interviews, review candidate answers and schedule follow-up interviews.

Set up the Tracking System to Explore Social Profiles
Recruiting software can take efficiency one step further. Until recently, human resources staffers still had to review a candidate’s social media profile and online activities with their own eyes. Advancements in applicant tracking software have transformed this process. The software can check for validation of the candidate’s skills, experience and talents expressed in a cover letter or CV. Systems can check for job titles, employer history and employment dates in social profiles.