Hiring Healthcare Heroes in 2021 with New Recruiting Tools

Given the drastic changes in 2020 due to the pandemic, recruiting has changed permanently. Some industries saw big layoffs during shutdowns, others shifted to all remote work, and all had to adapt to survive. One of, if not the most, impacted industries was healthcare. Facilities were faced with complex decisions and stressful situations every day to prioritize patient care as well as the wellbeing of employees. As the pandemic continues, recruiting and training the best healthcare heroes will be increasingly important.

Jobvite is here to help. We’ve created a collection of guides and tools to help healthcare leaders take charge and adapt to the latest healthcare recruiting trends. These tools will help you identify shifts in candidate needs and technology, how adopting an agile approach to your recruiting process will prepare you for any situation, and how advances in automation and communication technology can help you win top quality talent fast.

The stakes have never been higher. The risks of a bad hiring decision or a lagging process can be fatal to both the patient and the health system’s reputation and funding. Talent acquisition teams need strategies and solutions to attract and recruit top healthcare talent in a constantly changing landscape. Jobvite will help you get there. Review our latest research and guides for healthcare and come visit us. When you’re ready, we’d love to show you a demo of how our software will help support your entire continuum of care.

2021 Healthcare Recruiting Trends

With the current pandemic, the healthcare workforce has seen significant increases in stress for both care providers and recruiters. In fact, according to the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, “Stress has increased for over 75% of healthcare recruiters, with 26.7% reporting stress increased drastically.” This report will show you how the onset of the pandemic and social unrest in 2020 shifted priorities in the healthcare industry, and how healthcare recruiters are responding.

7 Ways to Win Quality Healthcare Talent in a Tough Market

Even before the pandemic, quality healthcare talent was hard to find. Despite increasing demand, it’s a challenge for healthcare recruiters to build their talent pipelines due to a shortage of talent in the market. This e-book dives into pointers for success for TA leaders in health systems across the United States.

How to Adopt an Agile Recruiting Strategy for Healthcare

The pandemic shines a light on the need for healthcare to be as agile as possible – to bend, but not break as conditions change. How can you rev-up or pivot your recruiting strategy at a moment’s notice, but still ensure you are hiring the best staff for your patients? This e-book will get you started on incorporating agile methodology to your talent function, enabling you to quickly pivot, hire, deploy, and redeploy existing talent to optimize the skills of your current staff and meet ever-changing demanding healthcare needs.

How to Make Employer Branding a Key Element of Your Healthcare Recruiting Strategy

Talent acquisition leaders and recruiting professionals need to find new ways to attract talented healthcare professionals—and one way is to focus on developing and promoting a strong employer brand. This guide discusses four best practices for promoting your employer brand, including how to establish your employer brand on your career site, how to use social networks to attract and engage key talent, and how to leverage your best assets, your employees, to help tell your story.

While the stakes are high, it’s a new year and an exciting time to be in healthcare. Today’s healthcare workers are changing and saving lives every day. After this past year, don’t healthcare workers deserve an amazing candidate experience? Check out the guides above, other healthcare resources, or talk with our experts about how Jobvite can empower your recruiters to hire amazing healthcare talent.