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Mobile Matters: The Imperative for Hiring Team Engagement

In a world where free time is dwindling, efficiency is essential for success. It’s easy to think that the hiring pressure is all on the candidate seeking a job. In reality, the busy managers who screen and hire candidates are under pressure, too. Hiring managers are expected to quickly and accurately choose the best person for the job. This is no small task, especially within normal business hours when other responsibilities must also be completed. With the capacity to manage hiring from anywhere, an applicant tracking system that supports mobile collaboration is critical for any modern ATS.

What Is an ATS?

ATS systems are software tools that expedite and streamline the candidate hiring process. They’re equipped with special features such as resume management, applicant scoring, and automated job postings. ATS software helps hiring managers identify, filter out, and follow up with candidates in a faster, more efficient manner than reading dozens of paper and electronic applications.

The Advantage of Mobile ATS Tracking Systems

While ATS systems make candidate screening and hiring much easier, mobile recruiting software does even better. Mobile-based ATS software functions much like an app on your phone. This gives hiring managers tremendous freedom and flexibility in moving through the candidate hiring process. Instead of spending hours on end reviewing applications, following up with candidates, and choosing whether or not to hire a candidate, hiring managers can break up the selection process into smaller, more manageable bits of time with a mobile recruitment app. With mobile recruitment software, hiring managers can read resumes, schedule calls and interviews with candidates, and make decisions within minutes at home or while traveling. Conveniently use mobile-based recruitment software anywhere, anytime, and any day.

How Mobile Recruitment Helps Candidates

Mobile recruitment has distinct advantages for hiring managers. However, it is beneficial for candidates, too. With the ability to track candidates 24/7, hiring managers can keep candidates posted on their current status in the application process. A mobile tracking system notifies candidates as soon as possible if they’ve moved up in the selection process or if they have been eliminated. This saves hiring managers the time and discomfort of contacting candidates via phone or email with their status. Time and resources are spared on both sides by eliminating interviews for weaker candidates. Most significantly, mobile candidate sourcing software helps recruiting managers meet their deadlines on time. From saving both candidates and hiring managers time to saving resources and avoiding unpleasant phone calls, a mobile applicant tracking system is a game-changer for recruitment and hiring. With mobile applications, busy hiring managers can get their jobs done on time and with less pressure, which is advantageous to everyone involved.