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Candidate Databases: Rent vs. Own

Jobvite - blogWhen meeting with recruiters and sourcers in our research studies and industry conferences, we regularly hear them talk about relying on talent databases that are not their own for sourcing talent.  They regularly write big “rent” checks for access to these databases.  We are also seeing a trend towards “owning” their very own database, referred to as a recruiting CRM (candidate relationship management).  These forward thinkers see value in building their organization’s own database that they can tap into when filing job openings and begin to rely less and less on “rented” databases.  At Jobvite, we set out to help recruiting teams take that “ownership” step with Jobvite Engage. 

Jobvite Engage, our award winning recruiting CRM, includes a centralized database of not only your organization’s active candidates, but also includes past candidates, employees, alumni, and the passive candidates you’ve collected in the past.  Beyond the advantages of “owning”, our customers also get the benefits of a centralized database that the team can easily access, search, contribute to, and collaborate on.  Opposed to managing separate spreadsheets, documents, folders etc.  Having built-in tools to easily build out that database with more passive candidates helps ensure that our customers are on their way to being “rent free”.

Are you tired of “renting”?  Start building your OWN database today!

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