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Recruiting CRM – Jobseekers Are Your Customers

job-seeker-survey-2014-06Earlier this week I was talking to a sales CRM industry expert about Jobvite Engage, Jobvite’s recruiting CRM. In showing him our product and discussing our customers’ use cases, he quickly began to understand our viewpoint on recruiting; in the hunt for the best talent, all organizations need to view jobseekers as “customers” of their job “products.” Top talent is becoming more and more scarce, putting them in the position of becoming more and more choosy “customers” of job opportunities. Recruiting teams need to consider this carefully as they plan their recruitment strategy.

Teams that have adopted this philosophy need a deep understanding of their “customers” and how their “products” fit their needs. Partnering with their organization’s Marketing department will help assure that the recruiting brand aligns with the overall brand of the company, so that messaging, tone, and design are all thought through carefully.

They also need tools to help them establish and develop a recruitment brand. Having a recruiting CRM with built-in marketing tools like Jobvite Engage will help market their brand and “products” to their “customers” through social media, campaigns, and direct one-to-one messaging. Capturing their “customers” into a recruiting CRM is critical to market your “products” over time.

How well do you know your “customers”? What’s working for you or what would you like to see in a recruiting solution?