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Friday Five – The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip Week 7 Wrap-Up

It’s hard to believe that The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip is almost over! This week, we made a stop in Bangalore, India to learn about centralized and decentralized talent acquisition (TA) and how experts use it in recruiting strategies. Watch any past sessions that you missed in our Resource Library, or read this quick summary with take-aways from this week’s sessions.

Top Five Take-Aways from Week 7

5. Decentralized location gives flexibility to employees

In this week’s Two Talented Tuesday session we were joined by Evan Cobb, Senior Director of People Potential, Global Talent Acquisition at Rightpoint and Kris Dunn, CHRO of Kinetix and founder of HR Capitalist to discuss centralized versus decentralized talent acquisition. These experts dove into the “why” of choosing a centralized versus decentralized strategy, and which is a favorite among TA leaders.

“If you’re willing to be flexible on place, it’s a recruiting advantage.” – Dunn

A large portion of today’s job seekers are looking for the remote flexibility of a decentralized location, but want the benefit of a supportive company culture that comes with a centralized team. The solution? Combine both methods into one TA strategy. Dunn recommends a hybrid of centralized communication and structure with decentralized location to offer the support that employees need when working remotely. Centralized reporting and communication give employees the resources, direction, and collaboration with teams – and a decentralized location meets candidates where they are with remote work flexibility.

4. Connection makes a culture special

Most of today’s employees are working remote and hybrid schedules from all around the globe. While this makes a job more flexible, TA professionals struggle to create the same collaborative culture that employees loved pre-2020. This week’s Two Talented Tuesday session revealed that connecting people who are spread around different time zones and locations is a new bump in the road in building relationships and culture.

Cobb recommended identifying what made your culture special before and rethink it for today’s reality. The core of workplace culture that came from in-office conversations and meetings now needs replacing in order to keep a supportive environment. We got some helpful tips from Cobb and Dunn on ways to rethink your culture and employee connections in a remote world.

  • Replace water cooler chats with informal phone calls (without video) to connect with coworkers.
  • Provide an abundance of communication to all employees through all-hands meetings, company newsletters, or an employee website.
  • Create employee resource groups where folks can (virtually) gather around and share things they’re passionate about – Social channels for groups like parents, pet lovers, gardening, or even baking are great places for employees to share photos and tips among themselves!

3. Consider the candidate journey

We were joined by Senior Director of Account Management at Jobvite, Andres Bueker for this week’s Working Session Wednesday. The topic on deck was centralized versus decentralized TA – and Bueker brought new takes on what companies need to invest in no matter the model they choose.

Just like all things in recruiting, regardless of strategy, it all comes back to the candidate. Creating a quality candidate experience should always be top of mind, even when deciding on a TA model. Define employer value proposition with consistent messaging and use a centralized platform to collect candidate information and avoid duplicating outreach. Bueker shared that an intuitive candidate journey that gets applicants to the right place quickly and easily is the benchmark to strive for.

“Gone are the days where candidates are willing and able to take 45 minutes applying for one job.” – Bueker

Utilize a centralized communication strategy to ensure a consistent and smooth candidate experience. Today’s candidates are on the move, and if you don’t provide the right resources to them, someone else will!

2. Centralize your technology and communications

Nobody wants to work for a company that struggles with communicating with its employees – even if they get to work remotely. That’s why Bueker suggested in this week’s Working Session Wednesday that no matter your TA strategy, communication and technology needs to be centralized in your organization.

Consistency and communication are key on any team, especially ones that have remote employees. Bueker shared tips to ensure that messaging, employee experience and data are all consistent for everyone in your company – regardless of their location.

  • An end-to-end talent acquisition platform offers an easy way to internally communicate about job requisitions, referrals, and more.
  • A robust onboarding platform provides new hires with the right tools for success, no matter their role.
  • A strong analytics platform centralizes data collection and reporting. Bonus points if your platform offers role designations for different employee access!

1. Automation and AI tools improve team communication

During this week’s Walk-Through Thursday, Casey Gibson showed us how Jobvite’s end-to-end Applicant Tracking System (ATS) brings teams together to recruit more efficiently. In recruiting, it’s not only about the candidate experience – although that’s pretty important, too.

Recruiters and hiring managers spend hours every week posting jobs, sourcing, screening, making calls, and scheduling interviews. And that’s just for one requisition! But what if those tasks could be automated? Gibson walked through the ways that Jobvite ATS is improving internal recruiting communications and saving time and headaches through automation and AI. For example, creating custom application forms based on the role type. This allows for flexibility in length and information requested from candidates, which saves time with pre-screening.

Looking for more information on Jobvite’s award-winning ATS? Request a demo today!

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