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A Better Candidate Experience: Key Metrics You’re MissingIt’s no secret that providing a positive candidate experience leads to higher quality new hires. What is surprising, however, is just how few hiring managers are tracking their efforts. In the era of big data, analytics...Read More
What Every Job Candidate Should Know About Submitting a Resume to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)Applicant tracking systems are here to stay: some surveys put the number of companies using them at 75% or higher. Applicant tracking systems provide an immense help in all aspects of talent acquisition and recruiting. The...Read More
Creating the Optimal Candidate Experience (Hint: Take a Look at the Numbers)Imagine you are in charge of global online toaster sales at Your job is to sell as many toasters as possible. Do you sell more toasters when customers can buy with one click of a...Read More
Close Top Talent Now: 5 Steps to a Killer Candidate ExperienceIt’s a job seekers market and top talent is in high demand. In today’s hot market, attracting the right candidates is more difficult than ever. So how do you stand out and turn your best candidates...Read More
Jobvite Infographic: Paid Parental Leave BenefitsIn the US, offering generous paid time off for parents is rare enough to be front page news. But in nearly every other country around the world, it’s simply a given. With no federal mandates—and only...Read More
How to Recover from a Bad InterviewWe’ve all had one of those days. You accidentally set your alarm for pm instead of am, so you wake up late. Not only do they get your coffee order wrong at your favorite drive thru,...Read More
5 Powerful Recruiting Trends in 2016The market is booming. I predict unemployment numbers will dip below 5% for the first time in Q1 of 2016. We’re experiencing a strong holiday retail season which points to a positive economic outlook for 2016....Read More
Candidate Centric View Has ArrivedVelocity in hiring is one of the most crucial metrics a talent acquisition team strives to improve. It is also, probably, the single most important measurement that management holds a talent acquisition team accountable to. Improving...Read More
11 Red Flags to Watch for During an InterviewInterviewing is a fine art. Some questions, answers, and strategies are straight-forward, while other aspects of meeting with job candidates are more nuanced. Sometimes an answer or attitude sends up a huge red flag. Other times...Read More
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