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11 Red Flags to Watch for During an InterviewInterviewing is a fine art. Some questions, answers, and strategies are straight-forward, while other aspects of meeting with job candidates are more nuanced. Sometimes an answer or attitude sends up a huge red flag. Other times...Read More
Smartphone, Dumb Recruiting: Why Mobile is a MustJobvite’s eBook, “Smartphone, Dumb Recruiting: Why Mobile is a Must,” takes a look at common errors that might hinder your success, while offering critical tips to help you close the chasm that separates you from today’s...Read More
Jobvite Video Earns Silver from Best in BizIt’s not quite the holidays yet, but Jobvite has already received good cheer: another Best in Biz award! Best in Biz is the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts....Read More
The Benefits of Video InterviewingIf you’ve spent any amount of time in the recruiting or hiring game, chances are good that you are no stranger to the elusive ‘phone screen’ — an important part of the recruiting process that can...Read More
Generation Y Aren’t You Catering to Me?According to Jobvite data, large corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, and Cisco have lost a significant number of workers to fast-growing start-ups like Dropbox, AirBnB, and Yelp. Jobvite CTO Adam Hyder attributes this exodus as a...Read More
How to Influence Top CandidatesLinkedIn recently asked 18,000 professionals the most important factor for them when picking a new employer. 56% said the the company’s reputation as a great place to work was the deciding factor. Employer Brand International's 2014 survey...Read More
The Candidate Experience InfographicDo you know what your dream hires want? We partnered with The Talent Board to find out what they want and where to find them. The recent survey of 95,000 job candidates gave us insight into...Read More
The Pitfalls of Forced Account CreationI’ve never been a big fan of spending hours in retail stores, trying on clothes and sifting through folded sweaters. That’s why I turn to online shopping whenever possible. It’s a modern marvel! There are no...Read More
The Stages of Job Hunting HellWith graduation tucked neatly under the belt like a starched button-down shirt, a horde of new job seekers has just entered the market. Look out. We’ve all been there, right? It’s not necessarily a fun process,...Read More
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