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The Pitfalls of Forced Account CreationI’ve never been a big fan of spending hours in retail stores, trying on clothes and sifting through folded sweaters. That’s why I turn to online shopping whenever possible. It’s a modern marvel! There are no...Read More
The Stages of Job Hunting HellWith graduation tucked neatly under the belt like a starched button-down shirt, a horde of new job seekers has just entered the market. Look out. We’ve all been there, right? It’s not necessarily a fun process,...Read More
Career Sites Are An ExperienceLast week, I wrote about the importance of branding your career site to show candidates what it’s like to work for your company. A good employment brand gives prospects a clear picture of what you stand for...Read More
The Recruiting R(evolution) Recap: Best Practices for Retaining TalentStreams of purple light streamed out as I opened the two double-doors to the main meeting room. The hall was full of high, nervous energy with the anticipation of the keynote speech. Hoards of talent acquisition...Read More
The Mobile Job Seeker InfographicIf your recruiting strategies aren't already optimized for mobile job seekers and their devices, you could be in trouble. The latest statistics reveal that today's workforce is rarely without a smart phone or tablet in hand....Read More
Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Engaged with Jobvite EngageI attended SourceCon with some of my teammates last week and there were a lot of good discussions on engaging with your talent pipeline.  With the Jobvite Engage CRM our customers can create an unlimited number...Read More
How to Get Executive Approval for the Recruiting Platform You NeedIs Your Leadership Listening? Trying to win executive approval for the right recruiting technology can be a frustrating process, like talking to a wall. You pour your heart out explaining your need, to no avail. But...Read More
The Cost of Not UpgradingI see articles every day about this new “Millennial” generation and how entitled they feel. Half of the articles are written from the perspective of the employer who seems almost bitter at the fact that they...Read More
Take a Tour of the New Jobvite VideoIf you haven’t yet had an opportunity to explore the latest addition to the Jobvite product family, I invite you to take a look at the quick 2-minute video below. That’s right—it’s a video about Jobvite...Read More
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