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Do You Suffer from Social Recruiting Paranoia?As social recruiting grows in both popularity and importance, hiring teams need to take a good, long look at how they plan to approach this tactic. Allowing your strategy to be driven (or thwarted) by fear...Read More
Does a Candidates Online Reputation Affect Your Decision To Hire Them?Job seekers sometimes make questionable choices when it comes to using social networks. Posting party photos, questionable language, or simply sharing inappropriate behavior may seem harmless at the time, but they also say a lot about...Read More
3 Recruiting Lines That Make You Look Like A RookieRecruiting team members for your company can be a tricky business. With every meeting, you’re conscious of trying to ask the right questions, discern the true answers, and gauge a person’s suitability for your brand. If...Read More
How Are You Using Big Data To Inform Your Hiring Needs?Recruiting is no longer a sector of business that simply relies on search terms and assumptive hiring. Gone are the days of internal recruiters referencing a pile of Post-It notes to identify hiring needs within the...Read More
Lessons from the Trenches: Cover LettersI’ve been on the fence for a while now about cover letters. Do they really add value or are they just a check item that gives a candidate a small bump?  Are they the equivalent of...Read More
The Undervalued Resource of Employee Referrals and How to Get More of ThemMany hiring managers and HR teams may not realize this, but often you have access to a better qualified pool of potential employees through your current employees than you do in the general job seeker market....Read More
How to Find Your First EmployeesIt’s a common misconception that you have to offer higher salaries to entice people to leave their current jobs or hire less-experienced people with the intention of training them. I am here to tell you that...Read More
The R(evolution) is coming!In case you haven’t heard, we’re gearing up for Jobvite Summit’14—and you won’t want to miss it. Our annual user conference will be bigger and better than ever this year, as we come together to discuss...Read More
From Recruitment to Hire: How to Shorten the Employee Hiring CycleWhen hiring new employees, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach the process. The wrong way takes lots of time and money and ultimately does not guarantee the right person for the...Read More
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