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Infographic: You Are Here, But You’re On The MovePlenty of applicant tracking systems (ATS) claim to get you from point A to point B, but they focus too heavily on features instead of function.  In the real world, features mean very little if they're...Read More
Suite Escape?As corporate acquisitions fuel the ubiquity of bundled Human Resources software, many recruiters wonder: Should I go Suite or Best-of-Breed? Consolidation and integration work well in some departments, but recruiting might not be one of them. ...Read More
Job Seekers Beware: Social Profiles Can Help You Land or Lose A JobToday, 92 percent of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter for recruiting, which makes social networking essential when job hunting.  Here's what you need to know about creating a positive impression to help get you hired.Read More
How to Get a Great Job Using FacebookFacebook isn’t just a place for friends anymore. Job seekers are using this social network to look past personal photos and friends’ status updates for their next big opportunity. Jobvite research shows that over 44 percent...Read More
New Data: What You Didn’t Know about Employee ReferralsThroughout the social Web, you can find articles that exemplify and pride employee referrals as the top source of quality candidates and hires. Statistically, these hires last longer and have greater job satisfaction. However, hard data...Read More
How to Get a Great Job Using TwitterTwitter works. How do I know? The senior visual designer I work with, Kenneth James Hamer, got his job through Twitter. Five recent high quality applicants I had for an interaction designer position came through the...Read More
The New Facebook Bully: A Job Interviewer?Early this morning, I read the Associated Press article about the job interviewer who asked a job candidate to provide his Facebook username and password in order to access the candidate’s private profile. Frankly, it floored...Read More
One Less Thing to Remember: Simplifying Login with Social NetworksWhat do birthdays, anniversaries, people’s names, phones numbers, location of your keys or phone, and logins have in common? Inevitably every one of us has trouble remembering one of them in the course of our busy...Read More
Serial Monogamy – The Future of Job Relationships at SXSWToday, I will speak at SXSW on the future of work. As I put together this presentation, I thought, this information is so important to business worldwide. Without a workforce, there is no company. Employment is...Read More
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