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Turning To Snapchat To Reach Millennial TalentIf you’ve been following our series on Social Recruiting effectiveness, then you’ll hopefully have become increasingly adept at using mainstream social media channels for recruitment--the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. But should you also be...Read More
How Employees Attract Great TalentHR professionals know the importance of company culture. It engages employees, boosts morale, and even helps with recruiting great talent—but only if that talent knows about the culture. And who can talk about your culture better...Read More
HR Full Cycle: Top Three Tips for Writing a Stellar Job PostingThis is part one of our HR Full Cycle Series. You just opened a new requisition and now you need a job posting. Many people don’t give the job posting the thought and time it deserves—it’s...Read More
ATS vs. CRM: Do You Need Both?Recently, I had the good fortune of attending SourceCon in Orlando. The conference was all about how to optimize your sourcing strategies and technology. As the distinction between recruiting and marketing has steadily blurred, many talent...Read More
How to Recruit like a Super Bowl ChampionToday's recruiting market is evolving at a faster speed than ever before. Retiring Baby Boomers are being replaced by Millennials, causing an epic shift in the way top companies attract, hire, and retain talent. There’s no...Read More
5 Powerful Recruiting Trends in 2016The market is booming. I predict unemployment numbers will dip below 5% for the first time in Q1 of 2016. We’re experiencing a strong holiday retail season which points to a positive economic outlook for 2016....Read More
How To Create A Recruiting Strategy on FacebookJust about every industry that deals with human behavior and decision-making has been impacted by social media, and recruiting is no exception. From lying on LinkedIn to terrible behavior on Twitter, companies can easily find reasons...Read More
Missed our Webinar on Sourcing Secrets?Finding your future hires, whether you’re a recruiter, a dedicated sourcing resource, or a team, it can be a challenge understanding how to get started. I recently had the privilege of presenting my thoughts and successes...Read More
Do You Suffer from Social Recruiting Paranoia?As social recruiting grows in both popularity and importance, hiring teams need to take a good, long look at how they plan to approach this tactic. Allowing your strategy to be driven (or thwarted) by fear...Read More
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