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How to Keep an Inventory of Qualified Job Candidates on the ReadyIn our current entrepreneurial atmosphere, a successful start-up’s demand can grow by leaps and bounds, and as such, staffing is always a top priority. Managing by crisis, especially in a fast paced environment against stiff competition,...Read More
Recruiting CRM – Jobseekers Are Your CustomersEarlier this week I was talking to a sales CRM industry expert about Jobvite Engage, Jobvite’s recruiting CRM. In showing him our product and discussing our customers’ use cases, he quickly began to understand our viewpoint...Read More
The Mobile Job Seeker InfographicIf your recruiting strategies aren't already optimized for mobile job seekers and their devices, you could be in trouble. The latest statistics reveal that today's workforce is rarely without a smart phone or tablet in hand....Read More
What’s in your recruiting technology’s DNA?As humans, we like to say that our DNA defines us. It’s like specialized coding that’s inherent to our very core—and it makes us who we are. For example, DNA decides the color of your hair....Read More
Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Engaged with Jobvite EngageI attended SourceCon with some of my teammates last week and there were a lot of good discussions on engaging with your talent pipeline.  With the Jobvite Engage CRM our customers can create an unlimited number...Read More
SourceCon: Sweeter than Sweet Tea in AtlantaBBQ ribs, sweet tea, sourcing! What more could a girl ask for!? I’m a sucker for going to new cities and attending different recruiting conferences. So naturally, after attending SourceCon in Atlanta this past week I'm...Read More
The Cost of Not UpgradingI see articles every day about this new “Millennial” generation and how entitled they feel. Half of the articles are written from the perspective of the employer who seems almost bitter at the fact that they...Read More
College Bound Recruiting CRMResolutions, new calendars, using up those gift cards you received over the holidays - all trademarks of a new year.  If you’re a recruiter or sourcer it is also typically the time of year your organization...Read More
Candidate Databases: Rent vs. OwnWhen meeting with recruiters and sourcers in our research studies and industry conferences, we regularly hear them talk about relying on talent databases that are not their own for sourcing talent.  They regularly write big “rent”...Read More
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