Customer Success

We keep it all running.

Keeping people happy makes all the difference at Jobvite.

Our Customer Success team tackles the incredibly important task of ensuring our users achieve their recruiting goals.
You won’t find a more direct line to the heart of our company.

Customer Success Openings

We have magical powers.

It’s true. Every day, we transform our expertise, empathy, and calm confidence into ongoing return on investment. And we grow from our experiences. Jobvite offers a number of learning and development opportunities that ensure everyone on our team can advance their careers and win recognition for their efforts.

You’ll have strategic powers.

Make no mistake: If you’re involved with our customers, you play a critical role in delivering Jobvite’s success. Customers are the lifeblood of our organization. They’re why we do what we do every day. As part of this team, you’ll never fail to contribute strategically—and every interaction you have, whether it’s with a customer or a team member, will have an impact.

But we don’t let it go to our heads.

We work in the engine room, so to speak. We add fuel where and when needed, keep the gears turning, and maintain customer progress and satisfaction. But that doesn’t mean we’re hidden from the world. Our team is energetic, smart, diverse, and rich in experience. We get along well, and we like to have fun. Think of us as humble rock stars. You’re going to want to hang out with us.