Everybody Wins

Successful companies don’t go it alone. That’s why Jobvite welcomes partners that help us round out, enhance, deliver, integrate and resell our solutions. In turn, we offer our innovation and collaboration—so everyone wins. Especially our customers.

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Service Partners

While we focus on making the best technology for recruiters, our customers often need help with services related to implementing and integrating our platform into their own environments. Jobvite partners with system integrators and HR consulting organizations to put it all together—from planning and scoping to testing, training, and deployment.

Channel Partners

We work with our channel partners to extend the power of our recruiting platform to every vertical market and geography around the world. Channel partnerships include companies that help us resell, implement, or support our solutions, or those who refer us to potential customers.

Technology Partners

Jobvite technology partners help us create a more robust solution by connecting our products with leading complementary platforms, services and applications. Together, we work to add greater value for our customers—from enhancing the recruiting workflow to adding new ways to identify candidates to integrating with additional HR products.

Integration is key to Jobvite product development. We want customers to have easy and intuitive access to the best tools and services available. That’s why we build a number of core integrations into our products, while also offering a wide variety of optional integrations on demand.

Our Partners