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Jobvite Takes Schneider Electric’s Hiring Process to the Next Level

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Schneider Electric is a global energy management company that operates in over 100 countries. They utilize 185,000 employees and have helped a myriad of companies serve their customer base, including such prestigious clients as Hilton Hotels, T-Mobile, and the Whirlpool Corporation.

Schneider employs over 50 highly trained recruiting solutions specialists to manage the company’s complex talent acquisition process. However, as with any large corporation that operates globally, sifting through a slew of candidates and bringing the best of the best on board is a very arduous process.

Because of that, Schneider Electric made the decision to turn to Jobvite’s advanced applicant tracking system and talent acquisition software to streamline the process and ensure they are employing the best possible technicians on a global scale.

Traditional Hiring Methods Are Outdated

Traditional recruitment systems for applicant tracking and screening just won’t cut it if your goal is to hire the best talent possible. The world has simply gotten too big, and the global market has grown far too complex for those tasks to be handled by even the most talented recruiters using traditional hiring methods. After all, the global population has more than doubled over the last 50 years, and the economy has grown and become more complex with it.

Automation Is the Key to Efficiency and Effectiveness

In today’s market, it’s all about automation. ATS systems and resume tracking software are necessary if your goal is to onboard the best talent available. That’s especially true if you operate in foreign countries, like Schneider Electric does, where you face complex issues arising from cultural and language barriers.

It’s not enough to simply employ the most traditionally qualified candidate for the job, whether that means academically or in experience. You need to bring on employees who have a deep and true understanding of their respective countries and all of the marketplace complexity that comes along with that understanding.

Enter Jobvite

To overcome those issues and modernize their business, Schneider Electric turned to Jobvite’s advanced ATS tracking system and recruiting software to take their company to the next level. Just as many other companies have discovered, the solutions offered by Jobvite transformed the way that Schneider acquired talented employees who truly are the best at what they do.

First of all, you have the streamlined efficiency of ATS recruitment. That means the recruiters you employ can do their jobs quicker and easier while ensuring that they are doing their best work possible. The employees they end up hiring are undoubtedly the best candidates for the job.

Then, you have the further convenience and efficiency of an ATS tracking system. By utilizing advanced and automated ATS tracking, your recruiters are much better equipped to sift through potential candidates and keep track of those who are most qualified for the job.

This worked out quite well for Schneider. Within just over two months of using Jobvite Engage’s Candidate Relationship Management platform, the company accomplished its hiring goals and found and hired three applicants who were highly specialized engineers.

Additionally, with Jobvite you’ll be able to employ fewer recruiters and still see better results, just as Schneider did. That will save your company money in the short term and ensure that it grows to its full potential in the long run.

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