Jobvite Helps Bankrate Transform Their Recruitment Portfolio


Manual recruiting process that couldn’t keep up with growth

Through multiple acquisitions, the Bankrate team was expanding and it was time for their approach to hiring to evolve alongside. The manual entry and inconsistent pipeline needed a serious update.


Jobvite Platform

Bankrate leveraged Jobvite Hire, Refer, Engage, and Onboard to transform its approach to hiring, seamlessly integrate with ADPWFN, and capitalize on the breadth of new developments to continually evolve their process.


Streamlined pipeline, increased engagement, and continued education

With a better understanding of their own internal recruiting metrics and timeline, Bankrate was able to empower their team with the tools they needed to grow.


An Expanding Company Looking for a Cohesive Recruiting Solution

Personal finance can feel like a daunting challenge to tackle for the average person — taking on everything from mortgages to personal loans as an individual looks insurmountable from where we stand. That’s where Bankrate steps in. By working together alongside their customers, they strive to help consumers tackle the financial challenges through each stage of life. As Bankrate has grown through acquiring three businesses and being acquired themselves, the company’s focus on talent has had to evolve along with it.

In Bankrate’s early days, most of its recruiting was conducted through outside agencies. The process wasn’t well-documented and lacked consistency from candidate experience to onboarding. While the internal team was strong at the transactional aspects of HR — such as getting an offer out, benefits, and paying employees — they lacked the strategy needed to grow their recruiting efforts. In order to expand and streamline their recruitment pipeline, Bankrate turned to Jobvite.

Transforming the Recruiting Process Through Connection and Integration

When Bankrate made the switch to Jobvite, they began to dive into Jobvite’s unique integrations to leverage networks and synchronize how the recruiting team approached talent acquisition. One of the challenges that Debbie and her team were working through was how to establish a more robust and organized internal process. From social media to ADP compliance, Bankrate’s hiring difficulties were eased through the variety of integrations that Jobvite offers.

“We have utilized the Jobvite ADP integration and — oh my goodness — it has helped a lot. So much less time intensive and less paperwork for the new hire to complete. The information captured throughout the new hire process now seamlessly feeds into the new hire wizard in ADP. There is minimal manual intervention and everything is auditable. The audit trail starts with our candidate/new hire and then our onboarding coordinator is then responsible for the new hire record in ADP.” said Debbie Kemp, the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Bankrate'.

Bankrate has found tremendous value from Engage in building campaigns and branding new employee referral programs.

“When we were introduced to the Engage team we started out with a branding campaign. Though we knew the value of social media for recruiting, we weren’t getting the traction or following needed to find it impactful,” said Debbie. “Branded campaigns through Jobvite created something that encompassed what we were trying to explain to potential candidates and couldn’t find the words to say. It was able to capture our brand, values, and culture –– now we’re planning to leverage a campaign every single month.”

With Jobvite, recruiters are able to spend less time on data entry and focus more on the actual recruiting of amazing talent. Jobvite has empowered Bankrate to make their recruiting experience more cohesive and consistent for both candidates and managers alike.  In addition, Jobvite, through Publisher enables employees and hiring managers to play a more active role in recruiting of great talent.

“We have some employees that do a good job of using Publisher, but we acknowledge we’re not where we could be,” elaborated Debbie. “That’s part of the journey when I think about all of the products Jobvite has to offer. I’d say our ability to train and utilize the products is like running — we’re not sprinting but rather in it for the long haul.  We still have more to learn and leverage.

Finally, adding social media integrations from Jobvite also helped Bankrate encourage its recruiting team to think more about social in terms of connection — rather than yet another facet of an already complicated process.

“We realized we had the opportunity to make our experience of acquiring talent become part of our team’s DNA. Jobvite’s social integrations really do have that capability” explained Debbie. “Jobvite prides itself on focusing on socially enabled experiences. From how we find candidates to the way we interview candidates with devices, we really love that Jobvite helps us to think about and approach our work in a different way.”

Fast-Growing Company with a System that Embraces Change

Another area of Bankrate’s program that has been transformed by Jobvite is success measurement. Being able to utilize metrics and data has transformed the way Bankrate can evaluate their entire recruiting process and has allowed the team to set up their recruitment pipeline for longevity and future success.

“Coming from no metrics, we now not only know how many people we’ve hired and how long it took but how many individuals we interviewed and have a better sense of the entire process. Our head of talent was able to sit down with our CEO and walk him through the report we’ve created, giving him the ability to see — by business or by manager of each team — what’s open and where we are in the process” said Debbie.  “It allows us to have a real dialogue about the talent on a regular basis— and it’s quick. Reporting within Jobvite has enabled us to answer those questions quickly, effectively, and with even more insights than before.”

As Bankrate looks to the years ahead, helping its current and future recruiting team stay abreast of these tools, integrations, and tactics will only become more important. Previously, Bankrate didn’t have a process in place in terms of continued education with managers on utilizing new tools — but with Jobvite, Bankrate was able to kickstart a more robust recruiting program with a focus on learning and utilizing the entire Jobvite suite.

“Going into working with Jobvite, I had high expectations,” said Debbie. “But what has surprised me was the unexpected benefit of continual new developments. For example, the onboarding module is something we didn’t have 18 months ago. It’s what’s happening in Jobvite from a development standpoint that we truly benefit from. Rather than having to use a different tool, we were able to really leverage having all of our employee data in one spot. So much of our work is done within Jobvite itself which is really exciting and transformative.”

About Bankrate

Bankrate is a leading publisher, aggregator, and distributor of personal finance content on the Internet. Bankrate provides consumers with proprietary, fully researched, comprehensive, independent and objective personal finance editorial content across multiple vertical categories including mortgages, deposits, insurance, credit cards, personal loans, and other categories, such as retirement, automobile loans, and taxes. Bankrate aggregates rate information from over 4,800 institutions on more than 300 financial products. With coverage of over 600 local markets, Bankrate generates rate tables in all 50 U.S. states.

"Bankrate has found tremendous value from Engage in building campaigns and branding new employee referral programs."

Debbie Kemp
Senior Vice President Human Resources, Bankrate

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