Jobvite Helps Boys And Girls Club Find Outstanding Mentors For Low-Income Youth


Finding high caliber, long-term nonprofit employees

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the not-for-profit Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula found itself struggling to compete with the many nearby tech industry leaders and hot startups for highly qualified employees that would stick around for the long run.


Jobvite Hire

Jobvite’s reporting capabilities allowed the Boys and Girls Club recruiting team to identify and target the best talent sources, while its customizable messaging system allowed them to engage candidates with tailored, personalized communication.


13.5x the number of applicants and a 12% turnover reduction

With a steady stream of interested applicants, higher quality candidates and an increased employee tenure, Boys and Girls Club’s strategic partnership with Jobvite ensured the long-term health and longevity of its program.



An Entrepreneurial Nonprofit

Silicon Valley surroundings, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula is a self-proclaimed “entrepreneurial nonprofit, constantly looking for ways to grow and change,” according to Becky Jones, Human Resources Director. Despite the recruiting team’s small size of “one and three-quarters people,” they continually think future-first and develop strategies to hire the best talent. This, in turn, ensures that Boys and Girls Club can empower low-income youth to graduate high school, enroll in college and embark on a lifelong career — a mission the organization as a whole has been serving for 155 years.

Unique Recruiting Challenges

As a nonprofit, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula encountered a unique set of recruiting hurdles. With limited resources, the pressure was on to compete with nearby Silicon Valley tech titans for talent — and employee turnover also occurred more frequently, with 36 percent of the part-time staff leaving each year. At the head of Boys and Girls Club’s recruiting troubles was the lack of an applicant tracking system (ATS); before Jones joined the team and rolled out Jobvite, the previous human resources director was accepting resumes via email for the more than 150 positions that needed to be filled annually.

The Turning Point

Upon being named the new HR director, Jones immediately began shopping around for an ATS that could help her team address their recruiting pain points. Although she looked at a few other options, Jobvite quickly stood out as the solution of choice. “What I really liked about Jobvite is that they were able to help us think differently about recruiting,” Jones explains. “[Jobvite] wasn’t just a platform to track information… it was really a strategic partner.” Armed with this new social recruiting solution and an easy way to track, source and engage candidates, Jones and the rest of her team embarked on a journey to reinvigorate their recruiting program.


Facing Recruiting Challenges Head-on With Jobvite

Since so many Boys and Girls Club employees serve as mentors to at-risk youth, finding fantastic people to fill their positions is particularly crucial, as their job performance can directly affect a child’s future.

But with industry leaders and hot startups in nearby Silicon Valley snatching up talent left and right, locating talent posed a challenge to the Boys and Girls Club recruiting team. Since choosing Jobvite, though, Jones says they have “radically improved [their] sourcing of candidates,” describing it as a “night and day” difference.

Jones believes Jobvite was key to this transformation, as the platform’s reporting features allowed Boys and Girls Club to identify and target the most fruitful talent sources. With this knowledge in mind, the recruiting team could make sure that they allocated their budget to only the sources that offered the highest returns on investment (ROI). “The sourcing money that I have is limited,” Jones says. “[Jobvite] helps us target where we spend our money, which is obviously important for us as a nonprofit.”

When competing with highly desirable companies for talent, however, great sourcing alone is not always enough; adding in personal engagement can give organizations the competitive edge they need.

With Jobvite Hire’s highly customizable candidate communication features, Boys and Girls Club has been able to achieve just that. “When I meet people at job fairs, I don’t just send them an email saying ‘Here are all of our jobs.’ I’m able to really send customized messages to each candidate.” For example, Jones might be able to let a candidate interested in working with younger students know about openings in local elementary schools. “[Jobvite] allows me to build connections and bring up topics that we’ve talked about previously, to send [candidates] really targeted messaging.”

Social Recruiting Revitalizedboys_girls_club_peninsula

As a result of Jones’ two-pronged approach of using Jobvite to source and engage candidates, she believes that Boys and Girls Club is receiving “three to four times the number of applicants per job,” as well as “better quality candidates.”

And with higher quality candidates, Boys and Girls Club has seen employee turnover dwindle. Before using Jobvite, as much as 36 percent of part-time staff exited during the middle of the academic year, leaving Jones and her team scrambling to fill gaps. But only a year later, that number was cut down to 24 percent — overall, a 33 percent reduction — ensuring that the new hires are in for the long haul.

With a staff of passionate and dedicated employees, reduced turnover and a solid strategy down pat, the future of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula’s recruiting program is looking just as bright as the futures of the children they serve.

"The sourcing money that I have is limited,” Jones says. “[Jobvite] helps us target where we spend our money, which is obviously important for us as a nonprofit."

Becky Jones
Human Resources Director, Boys and Girls Club

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