FreshDirect Finds Healthy Approach To Recruiting With Jobvite


Finding a full-stack recruiting platform to aid a small team

With hundreds of delivery, operational, and corporate positions to fill in their grocery delivery company, FreshDirect’s recruiting team needed a platform that could help them at every step of the funnel while also amplifying the presence of their employer brand and providing metrics-backed insight.


Jobvite Platform 

After choosing Jobvite Hire, FreshDirect was able to use the platform to streamline their recruiting process, share open job positions with employees’ social networks, gain access to their most critical metrics, and even help hiring managers oversee their team.


1000+ hires in 2015, increased hiring cycle efficiency, improved quality of hire

In one year, FreshDirect filled over a thousand open requisitions with higher quality candidates than ever before, all while operating at an increasingly efficient pace.


A Small Recruiting Team with a Big Task

In today’s busy world, the need for a convenient meal often comes at the cost of being unhealthy, as busy consumers turn to ordering takeout or stopping at a fast-food joint. But FreshDirect, an online grocery delivery service on a mission to provide the freshest, healthiest ingredients and meals to consumers, is here to change that. Based in Long Island City, New Jersey, FreshDirect isn’t just a delivery company. They also have their own brand of products and manufacturing plants. And with positions to fill in the corporate office, operations, and transportation, FreshDirect is never short on job openings.

But with a small recruiting team and an unsophisticated applicant tracking system (ATS), filling all those requisitions proved a daunting task. FreshDirect knew they needed a recruitment platform that could both amplify their efforts and allow their processes to run as efficiently as possible. “Our old ATS, a prominent player in the market, just wasn’t user-friendly,” says Tobi Karson-Sevdalakis, Director of Talent Acquisition and Onboarding at FreshDirect. “The reporting was clunky and not worth investing time in. We have a very small team that does a lot of work, and we needed a tool that would help us make hires faster, report on key metrics, and help me manage our team.” After investigating several different recruiting platforms, Karson-Sevdalakis and her team declared Jobvite the clear winner.

Kicking Off with Jobvite

Right away, the FreshDirect team found Jobvite’s customer service team particularly helpful — implementation of the product went smoothly, and after launch they continued advising them. “The level of customer service by Jobvite is really much better than any other ATS we’ve had before,” Karson-Sevdalakis says. “We love everyone over there.” And, after mastering the platform, Jobvite made the FreshDirect team’s jobs easier at every step of the recruiting funnel. “With such a small team, you have to use every tool that’s available to you. With Jobvite, we were able to schedule interviews, customize evaluation forms, and track referrals,” Karson-Sevdalakis says. In addition, Jobvite allowed the small team to greatly expand their recruiting reach. With employees able to easily share open requisitions to their social networks, Jobvite empowered the entire organization to serve as an army of recruiters.

Unparalleled Reporting Insight

Also beneficial to the team was the reporting that Jobvite offered — something especially critical to hiring managers responsible for overseeing their team. “A lot of companies that provide ATS services don’t take into account that recruiting managers need to not only manage their requisitions, but also their team. With Jobvite, I have a report that shows all of my team’s activities for the day. Their goals are all metrics-driven, so it’s easy for me to keep track of their performance,” Karson-Sevdalakis says.

Furthermore, recruiting metrics give the FreshDirect team the ability to take a holistic look at the hiring process and identify inefficient areas so they can optimize them. “One of our goals is to shorten the length of the interview process and decrease our time-to-fill for positions. Jobvite has given me more visibility into those critical processes — for example, I discovered that it was taking about 10 days to schedule an interview, and now we can address that,” Karson-Sevdalakis says.

Delivering Results

After partnering with Jobvite, FreshDirect hired more than one thousand new team members in 2015 alone — who now constitute about a third of the company’s entire workforce. In addition to their impressive new hire growth, Karson-Sevdalakis has also noticed an uptick in the quality of hires that FreshDirect is making. “Through Jobvite, everyone involved in the recruiting process can easily fill out the evaluation forms and have insightful discussions around them, which makes addressing issues much simpler,” Karson-Sevdalakis says. “Thanks to the facts and data in front of them, our recruiters are able to make sure that only the highest quality candidates are brought onto the team.”

A Fresh Take on Recruiting

After their initial success, Karson-Sevdalakis plans to expand her team’s use of Jobvite even further. One of the team’s latest initiatives involves getting as many FreshDirect employees familiar with the platform as possible. “Right now, we’re rolling out a new internal campaign called Operation Jobvite,” Karson-Sevdalakis shares. “We’re holding contests and promoting Jobvite company-wide to get people familiar and engaged with the platform so they can publish job positions and share throughout their social channels.” And with this expanded reach, along with the efficiency, insight, and management capabilities that Jobvite offers, Fresh Direct’s small but talented recruiting team will be able to continue along the path of recruiting success.

About FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a leading online grocer in the U.S., delivering premium quality fresh-from-the-farm foods and brand-name groceries to customers in the greater New York, New Jersey, Connecticut metro area and greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

"The level of customer service by Jobvite is really much better than any other ATS we’ve had before. We love everyone over there."

Tobi Karson-Sevdalakis
Director of Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, FreshDirect

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