With Jobvite Hire, Hobsons Increases Hires, Organization and Productivity At Once


Using paper-based recruiting methods with aggressive hiring goals, while having limited reporting and hiring data management.


Jobvite Hire

Utilizing social recruiting and job-board integrations & customizing important regulatory reporting features.


Smooth internal hiring collaboration led to a 20% increase in hiring. In addition, developed comprehensive OFCCP and financial reporting.


In the education industry, Hobsons is a force to be reckoned with. As one of the go-to educational solutions companies for K-12 schools and colleges and universities around the world, Hobsons provides education technology to help students learn successfully. A global company with 800 employees, the company is comprised of a talented team in the areas of advising and admissions solutions, technology, operations, sales and service, all of whom support growth and future goals. In Hobsons’ recruiting department, however, filling the company’s offices around the world with talented, knowledgeable employees proved difficult in 2013. After years of relying on a paper-based recruiting system and a generic Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Hobsons Talent Acquisition Manager Amy Whitman knew the company’s recruiting department needed some assistance. With some aggressive growth goals set for the coming years, Whitman prepped the team to explore new options.

After a Hobsons partner recommended Jobvite, Whitman tested the recruiting software against other talent acquisition tools and was immediately sold. “The entire Hobsons team would not be able to meet our growth goals without an updated ATS tool,” she says. “After experimenting with Jobvite, it was the system’s ease-of-use that I loved. We don’t have a large recruiting department, so I needed something that was efficient and functional, that hiring managers could utilize as well. Jobvite is simple, intuitive and cost-effective — I’m so thankful we have such an invaluable resource.” Now, thanks to its workflows, customizable reporting and powerful social recruiting capabilities, Jobvite has helped transform Hobsons’ hiring strategy.

With only a generic, low-cost ATS on its side for several years, Hobsons’ recruiting team relied on paper-based tracking to get the job done. While this system sufficed in the past, now with over 150 hiring managers working together, the company was in desperate need of recruiting automation and OFCCP compliance aid. As Whitman explains, “Everything was paper before, so if we wanted to open a new requisition, we passed around a paper form that required signatures for approval. We used a featureless ATS, where candidates could apply for jobs and move through the process, but that’s it. We had to accomplish almost everything without the help of a true recruitment-automation tool.” Today, powered by Jobvite’s reliable, easy-to-use ATS, Hobsons has adopted a much-needed element of technology for its recruiting program. Jobvite’s sophisticated recruiting solution has become the foundation supporting Hobsons’ successful growth strategy.

Leveraging Custom Reporting & Hiring Data

Amongst the top reasons for choosing Jobvite, Hobsons looked to the solution’s sophisticated reporting capabilities to help align resources and better allocate workflow. For awhile, all reporting was done manually, which naturally took up much of the hiring managers’ time and energy. Particularly for the finance department, having reliable reports on hand around open positions, budgeting and salaries was key to streamlining the hiring process.

With Jobvite, hiring managers and recruiters can create custom reports to keep finance in the loop. “I customized all the reporting so that it filters directly to the finance department keeping them abreast of hiring activity,” Whitman says. “Now, they know each open requisition and salary, which hiring manager to contact for specific roles, and what to budget for. Finance can even see if a requisition is placed on hold, which helps the department better allocate budget and stay updated on any changes in hiring activity. To me, that’s an even bigger win.”

Another crucial reporting element for Hobsons is around regulatory Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) reporting. Both reports are very important for any mature company, but without a systematic approach to reporting, Hobsons sometimes lost hours in productivity gathering the necessary data. According to Whitman, “AAP and OFCCP reporting was a manual process that was quite time consuming for the recruiting department, so I determined exactly what the OFFCP required, and our attorney needed, and worked closely with Jobvite to create the necessary reports to supply that critical information. Now, I have the report set at any time of the year, so I can run it and have exactly what the attorney needs almost immediately.

Even if we get audited and have to return a report in 30 days, we’re always prepared.” Thanks to Jobvite’s custom reporting abilities, Hobsons has leveraged valuable recruiting data and saved hours in productivity, allowing the recruiting department to focus solely on tracking down the best candidates.

Accelerating Hiring & Growth

In terms of finding the best talent, Hobsons occupies an extremely crowded industry. When searching for the best Java developers and technical staff, the company is competing against industry giants for the best quality candidates. “Developers move frequently in this industry, but they are picky on their positions,” Whitman explains. “These candidates can be hard to find, and they go fast.” But with nearly double digit growth over the past few years and no intention of slowing down, Hobsons’ recruiting department needed to find a way to keep pace and track down these in-demand employees as quick as possible.

Thanks to Jobvite’s extensive social reach, Hobsons can now recruit via external networks in ways it never could before. Between job boards and Twitter profiles, Hobsons uses Jobvite to push updates to third-party sites, grabbing the attention of candidates in new places. “Jobvite has allowed us to branch out and share opportunities on free websites, like Indeed or Twitter,” says Whitman. “Jobvite integrates with third-party sites, so our requisitions are published in dozens of places around the internet with a click of a button. While big companies have the luxury of brand recognition, Jobvite has been a huge help in driving people to our requisitions via job boards and popular social networks.”

With new viewers now noticing Hobsons’ name and job openings, the company has experienced a 20 percent increase in hiring over the last year since bringing Jobvite aboard. Whitman’s team is excited to keep pace as they prep for aggressive hiring growth in the near future. As Hobsons continues to prioritize the expansion of its technical divisions, the company is set to handle the continued growth with Jobvite by its side. Between fluid recruitment workflows, custom reporting and vast external social reach, Hobsons’ recruiting team has been able to increase productivity and set an aggressive pace for hiring in the future. With Jobvite as a proven recruiting partner, Hobsons will no doubt continue seeing success for years to come.

About Hobsons

Hobsons helps students identify their strengths, explore careers, create academic plans, match to best-fit educational opportunities, and reach their education and life goals. Through our solutions, we enable thousands of educational institutions to improve college and career planning, admissions and enrollment management, and student success and advising for millions of students around the globe. Learn more at www.hobsons.com

"We don’t have a large recruiting department, so I needed something that was efficient and functional, that hiring managers could utilize as well. Jobvite is simple, intuitive and cost-effective — I’m so thankful we have it on our side."

Amy Whitman
Talent Acquisition Manager, Hobsons

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