With Jobvite Hire, Pactiv Continues to Expand Thoughtfully, While Saving Time and Money


A disconnected recruiting and hiring process that led to a lengthy time-to-fill. Complete lack of social media capabilities.


Jobvite Hire

An integrated social media publisher system, along with centralized and accessible ATS with reporting using Jobvite Hire.


Seamless collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters, leading to reduced agency spend by 90% and improved time-to-fill by 25%. An elevated social media presence.


If you’ve been to your local supermarket, convenience store or fast food restaurant lately, you’ve likely interacted with Pactiv — even if you didn’t know it. As one of the largest producers of food service and food disposable packaging in the world, Pactiv supplies many major foodservice retailers and distributors in North America with the products that keep their businesses afloat. With such incredible reach, Pactiv relies on a diverse team of over 11,500 total employees to produce and distribute high quality products for its customers.

When it comes to enticing and hiring quality team members to join their efforts, however, Pactiv’s recruiting and hiring departments were experiencing some challenges as they entered 2013. With an outdated applicant tracking system (ATS), the process felt cumbersome and top-heavy to both sides of the hiring equation. Plus, with a lengthy time-to-fill average and costly spending on agency fees, Pactiv’s talent acquisition team knew it was time to rethink their strategy, and upgrade.

After an extensive research and vetting process, Pactiv selected Jobvite Hire as the best option for recruiting success. According to Pactiv Talent Manager Terri Souder-Basa, “Jobvite is really the main technology that enables the smooth flow of our recruiting process and connects all phases of our hiring workflow. Since it’s a centralized system and retains all information that we need, Jobvite can actually help us locate gaps in the process and pinpoint areas that need improvement.” With its logical workflows, customizable collaborative interface and easy social integration, Jobvite supports Pactiv’s ability to grow, while streamlining its recruiting department for the better.

Supporting Seamless Employee Collaboration

With large numbers of both salaried and hourly employees, Pactiv boasts a community of over 11,500 employees — which is a lot for one talent department to handle. With recruiters prioritizing growth and hiring managers working on filling positions, Pactiv’s talent acquisition process was segmented, cumbersome, and lacked a strong foundation for success. “We needed an intuitive system that provided hiring managers with faster responses, more control and the ability to be part of the process,” says Souder-Basa. “The ATS we had in place was awkward, difficult to understand and tough to use effectively, creating barriers and additional resistance when partnering with our hiring managers.” Without an accessible system for both hiring managers and recruiters, Pactiv’s team experienced shared frustration, miscommunications and missed connections one too many times.

With Jobvite, however, recruiters, hiring managers and the HR department can all have timely, barrier-free access to Jobvite’s ATS, allowing all three areas of talent acquisition to remain active and engaged. When beginning to hire for a new position, Jobvite allows recruiters to route information and approvals directly to hiring managers, which has been an important timesaving capability for Pactiv. According to Fred Thompson, Sr. Corporate Recruiter, “Hiring managers have the ability to be in Jobvite, conducting research and looking up relevant information. They have the option of taking action, rather than waiting to be involved.”

Jobvite has helped align Pactiv’s entire talent acquisition department, making a major difference in the talent culture of the company. “We are working on a culture change by encouraging and supporting our site HR teams to fully understand and engage with our Jobvite recruiting platform,” explains Souder-Basa. “By helping our HR department rely on our system, as opposed to agencies, they’re able to increase their own knowledge and competence. Our larger HR team now realizes they can use Jobvite to expand the brand and drive more resume flow into the ATS.” Jobvite’s seamless and accessible applicant tracking system allowed Pactiv to streamline its entire talent acquisition process, enabling the organization to achieve increased collaboration and source higher quality candidates.

Learning from the Numbers

In addition to the collaborative shortcomings of Pactiv’s former ATS, a lack of reporting also prevented the company from learning from its recruiting efforts. With so much internal focus on the talent acquisition process, Pactiv’s time-to-fill and agency usage metrics weren’t impressive. “In 2012, our time-to-fill hovered around 90-120 days,” says Thompson. “Plus, our agency fees spend peaked somewhere around $1.4 million.”

For Pactiv, Jobvite’s sophisticated reporting capabilities were a driving factor in reducing both time-to-fill and agency spend, two important metrics for the talent acquisition department’s progress. “We really feel that introducing Jobvite was a key change that positively impacted these metrics,” says Souder-Basa. “Jobvite is the one tool that allows us to quantify our success and provide the crucial metrics that help us to continue improving.” Now, as a result of Jobvite’s added organization and metrics-based reporting, Pactiv’s time-to-fill now lies around 65-70 days, a 25% improvement. Additionally, the team’s agency spend was dramatically decreased to $140K, one tenth of its previous total.

Leveraging Social Recruiting for Hard to Hire

Aside from Pactiv’s internal processes, the Talent Team needed a better way to leverage its social media recruiting strategy. With 57 locations around the United States, not all of them are near major metropolitan areas — in fact, many of Pactiv’s locations are somewhat remote, making recruiting for these spots very difficult. Throw in a long list of technical positions to fill, and Pactiv’s recruiting efforts were in need of a secret weapon.

Enter social media. With Jobvite’s Publisher feature, Pactiv recruiters — and the company’s entire 11,500 employee base — are able to leverage their own networks to drive applications for open positions. According to Teresa McCoy, Corporate Recruiter, “Understanding the strength and breadth of social recruiting has encouraged us to work on fully integrating our processes with social media. Our team sends Jobvites on a regular basis, and we encourage our hiring managers to also be active social recruiters as well. Our recruiters have seen a 45-55% improvement in replies thanks to social, especially with cold contacts, and Jobvite has really enabled this improvement.” In one case, Pactiv’s use of Jobvite’s social media capabilities helped the company locate and hire a key finance manager for one of their business units — and that new employee is already engaging with Jobvite to reach out to contacts in his own network!

As Pactiv continues to grow its employee base and expand to new territory, the company will rely on Jobvite to provide improved workflow, collaboration and key insights to its talent acquisition department. With its simple, accessible ATS, sophisticated reporting component, and its social publishing feature, Jobvite has helped Pactiv drastically improve several critical areas of its recruiting program — and this partnership will only continue to flourish down the line.

About Pactiv

Pactiv is a leading manufacturer in the Foodservice and Food Packaging Industry that employs teamwork, collaboration and innovation to produce high-quality, custom and stock packaging products across a wide variety of materials and platforms to meet the various needs of our customers.

"Jobvite is the one tool that allows us to quantify our success and provide the crucial metrics that help us to continue improving."

Terri Souder-Basa, Talent Manager at Pactiv
Terri Souder-Basa
Talent Manager, Pactiv

“I’m a huge fan of Jobvite, between the platform and the people it is just an amazing offering.”

-G2 Reviewer, Administrator in Computer Software

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