Schneider Electric Uses Jobvite Engage To Power Up Recruiting In Mexico


Hiring top-notch talent in a foreign country — fast

After being tasked with filling high-visibility positions for recent university graduates on a tight deadline in the summer of 2015 in Mexico, Schneider Electric needed a solution that would help them work seamlessly as a team, overcome language barriers, and engage candidates in record time.


Jobvite Engage

Partnering with Jobvite allowed the recruiting team at Schneider Electric to attract, engage, and ultimately hire many candidates at once for unprecedented efficiency.


Nine project hires in two months, increased brand awareness, and an enhanced candidate experience

The recruiting team reached or exceeded their goals at every step of the funnel with Jobvite, and continued investment in the platform helped lead to an overall lift for their recruitment program.


A Global Company Seeks a Global Recruiting Solution

With operations in over 100 countries and on every continent — including Antarctica — global energy management specialist Schneider Electric needs a giant crew of talent to maintain operations. Whether it’s distributing power, developing solutions for sustainability, or powering the connection for the Internet of Things, about 185,000 Schneider Electric teammates work to ensure that Life is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment. And despite the already massive number of employees at Schneider Electric, there are still hundreds of positions that need to be filled at any given time.

Schneider Electric’s talented team of over 50 highly trained professionals is tasked not just with filling those roles, but also “understanding the changing talent market,” says Jenna Roland, Employer Branding Specialist at Schneider Electric. And what the team became increasingly sure of was that to quickly and efficiently identify and engage a highly skilled talent segment, they needed to provide an incredible candidate experience — something that can be a challenge for enterprise companies without the proper tools.

At that level, an applicant tracking system (ATS) alone simply wasn’t enough for Schneider Electric. “In the past, everyone on the team managed spreadsheets or just kept their own contacts in mind. That’s all good and well at a small scale, but working at an enterprise, we have to be able to share contacts and utilize the brainpower of the entire organization,” Roland says. “We knew that without a change in technology, we were being left behind when the top organizations were moving forward, and we wanted to be among them.” So in order to launch their employer brand back to the front of the pack, the team turned to Jobvite Engage — a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed to help brands reach out, follow up, and maintain a connection with candidates at each step of the hiring process.

Schneider Electric Begins Generating Buzz in Mexico

After a change in personnel, the Schneider Electric team learned that a number of requisitions for new university graduates in Mexico that were supposed to have been filled remained open. Rapid-fire recruiting is difficult enough — but with an international market and a foreign language complicating operations, the hurdle is that much greater. Added to the fact that the college job-hunting season had ended months ago, and it was clear that Schneider Electric’s recruiting team had a challenge on their hands. But with Jobvite to level the playing field, the team found that their small group was ready to easily collaborate, clean up, and quickly hire the new grads by the original start date.

Schneider Electric launched their hiring campaign by consulting with Jobvite’s Engage Services team to figure out how they could best leverage the Engage platform. After working together to develop some specifically tailored messaging for their target audience, the recruiting team used Jobvite Engage to reach out and maintain contact with candidates throughout the entire recruiting process, from initial contact to job offers. While the difference in languages between the recruiting team and their target audience could have presented a huge obstacle, Jobvite empowered Schneider Electric to clearly communicate with candidates.

“Being in Mexico, the language barrier was the greatest initial challenge. Certain people on our team are comfortable with Spanish, but they might not always be available,” Roland says. “But with Jobvite, the handoff between team members was pretty seamless. I could write a message for any candidate who reached a certain stage in the process and input it into Jobvite, and my coworkers could copy that and send it to anyone we had talked to that day.”

But most of all, Jobvite enabled the Schneider Electric team to seamlessly transfer knowledge amongst each other for maximum efficiency and collaboration. “Jobvite Engage really allowed us to streamline. With Jobvite, all the information and links you need are at your fingertips. As a result, turnaround was very quick,” says Liz Henderson, Talent Acquisition & Mobility Project Manager at Schneider Electric. “So even across international borders, we were all able to come together using the same recruiting platform.”

Enhanced Awareness, Enhanced Relationships

One of the other benefits Schneider Electric saw from Jobvite was a lift in overall awareness of employer branding, which came as a result of employees being able to share open positions to their personal social networks. “It’s very poignant to have our logo in front of as many people in as many channels as possible,” Roland says. “The more times people see it as they scroll through their feed, the more they associate Schneider Electric with opportunities, especially in times when job security in the market is uncertain.”

Furthermore, the team has been using Jobvite’s proactive communication capabilities to enhance and improve the relationships they have with candidates. “One of the competitive advantages that Jobvite Engage provides is the ability to get in front of the right people,” Roland says. “We already know the people we’re targeting, and we have specific details we can share among our entire team, and from there we can nail in the messaging we’d like to share with different audiences, whether it’s among university talent, STEM candidates, or female engineers. We have the ability to do that because of the data that Jobvite houses for us.”

Jobvite Delivers Results at Lightning Speed

After partnering with Jobvite, the folks at Schneider Electric were able to immediately see the impact of their efforts. They made several hires within a month of being handed this arduous task, and within just over two months, the team had met or exceeded all of their goals at every step of the funnel by reaching out to 53 high-quality candidates, bringing in 31 for first-round interviews, inviting 17 back for a final-round interview, and successfully hiring nine — three of whom were highly specialized engineers.

But for the team at Schneider Electric, Jobvite Engage hasn’t just helped speed up processes — it’s helped them craft an entirely new approach to recruiting. “Jobvite has helped us adapt our workflow,” Roland says. “Before, recruiters didn’t have the bandwidth to proactively manage their entire pipeline and communicate with candidates on a regular basis. Now, the Jobvite users on our team have the opportunity to be more efficient and proactive, and operate a more candidate-centric process. Jobvite has helped them expand their confidence and competencies.” And with recruiters able to reach their full potential, the Schneider Electric team can rest assured that talent will continue to successfully power their company now and in the future. For Jobvite and Schneider Electric, collaboration is on. Recruiting is on. Life is on.

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation. With revenues of €25 billion in FY2014, our 170,000 employees serve customers in over 100 countries, helping them to manage their energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. From the simplest of switches to complex operational systems, our technology, software and services improve the way our customers manage and automate their operations. Our connected technologies reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives.
At Schneider Electric, we call this Life Is On.

"We knew that without a change in technology, we were being left behind when the top organizations were moving forward, and we wanted to be among them."

Jenna Roland
Branding Specialist, Schneider Electric

“I’m a huge fan of Jobvite, between the platform and the people it is just an amazing offering.”

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