Talend Leverages Internal Talent To Reach Employment Brand Celebrity Status


Build and promote employment brand to attract top candidates

In a rapidly growing company, it’s not enough to just hire quickly — you also have to hire the best of the best. Talend’s recruiting team knew that in order to do this, they would have to take their employment brand and candidate experience to the next level.


Jobvite Platform 

After building out a queue of content highlighting their excellent workplace culture, Talend partnered with Jobvite to empower the entire company to serve as employment brand ambassadors and recruiters.


145% increase in referral hires, 67% increase in overall pipeline, decreased dependency on hiring agencies

With employees using Jobvite to share Talend’s content through their vast social media networks, the company saw concrete improvement at every step of the recruiting funnel and an uptick in overall candidate quality.


A Big Data Company With a Big Need for Talent

With more information available at our fingertips than ever before, it’s easy for companies to feel as if they’re drowning in data — especially when it comes from so many different sources. But Talend, a Bay Area-based software company, aims to simplify Big Data. Talend offers brands powerful integration software that enables them to gain instantly actionable insight into their organization, customers, and processes. And, given that big data is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, Talend’s headcount is increasing at an exponential rate — the company already has over 500 employees based in the US, Europe, and Asia, and they expect to add substantially more in the upcoming year.

But for sustainable, company-wide growth, it’s not enough to merely increase headcount. “Companies today aren’t just in a competition for talent, but for the best talent,” says Jon Stanners, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Talend. And to do that, brands can’t just tell candidates how great it is to work there — they have to show them. So, after creating a stockpile of content that highlighted Talend’s rockstar employees and top-notch company culture, Stanners and his team partnered with Jobvite to spread the word.

Using Jobvite to Become Employer Brand Superstars

In order to reach as many different people as possible, Stanners decided to leverage the top talent that Talend already employed. “We decided to use our employees as brand ambassadors — or, as we call them, ‘our celebrities’ — to tell our employer brand story. My team focuses on attraction first and hiring second — the reason being, that once you invest enough in the first, the second takes care of itself.” To do this, Stanners and his team equipped their employee celebrities with Jobvite access, which empowered them to share content like employee spotlights and company event highlights to their networks with coordinated hashtags and messaging.

Not only did this allow Talend’s recruiting team to greatly amplify its share of voice — they also found they were able to better engage candidates. “Job seekers don’t want to hear a company saying what a great workplace they have,” Stanners explains. “They want to hear that from the employees themselves. It’s almost like how Nike uses Roger Federer to advertise their merchandise — when we have our own employees evangelizing our company, it gives us instant credibility.” As a result, Talend was able to pique candidates’ interest — and not just entry-level folks. “One of our executive hires came from a competitor, and said he was attracted purely by our culture,” Stanners shares.

Once candidates made the leap from interest to application, Jobvite continued providing benefits by making the pipeline easy to manage. “Whether employees come from sourcing or employee referrals or inbound applications, Jobvite makes sure they have a wonderful experience throughout the entire process,” Stanners says. “Sometimes people can get lost in the black hole of an applicant tracking system, but with Jobvite we can keep close tabs on everyone and guide them from application to hire, all with an easy-to-use and editable workflow. Jobvite’s not just about posting jobs — while that’s certainly a part of it, the data, reporting and other features are valuable throughout the whole recruiting funnel.”

And even when the recruiting team decided that certain candidates weren’t quite a fit for Talend, they were still able to leverage Jobvite to ensure a positive experience and ultimately lift their employment brand. Through Jobvite, Stanners and his team sent out notes to every candidate who applied, thanking them for their time and interest. As a result, even candidates who had been rejected gave Talend a positive review on sites like Glassdoor.com.

Improved Metrics Across the Board

Since partnering with Jobvite, Stanners and his team have seen improved metrics at every step of the funnel, including 67 percent more candidates in the pipeline after the first nine months of using Jobvite. But the improvements haven’t only been quantitative — candidate quality has improved as well. As recruiters know, the top talent can often be found through employee referrals — which is why Stanners and his team were delighted to experience a 36 percent increase in referrals. Now, referrals are their number one source of hires — and the overall number of referral hires has increased 145 percent. All of this has led to Talend reducing their dependency on staffing agencies. Before Jobvite, agencies accounted for 16 percent of hires, but in the past nine months, that number has been cut in half to just eight percent.

Using Jobvite Now and in the Future

While hiring at Talend is going strong, the company won’t get complacent — they’ll invest even more in Jobvite and the recruiting program as a whole next year. “We’re really just starting to sink our teeth into Jobvite, and we’re planning on using it even more to engage our community, tell our brand’s story, and ultimately, bring on the folks that we need,” Stanners says. And beyond helping the recruiting team at Talend fill positions, Jobvite has also helped them rethink what a recruiting program can be. “You always hear, ‘Every employee is in sales,’ but I think that every employee is in recruiting. With Jobvite, everyone can be that brand ambassador,” Stanners says. “I think everyone should use it.”

About Talend

Since 2006 more than 1700 enterprise customers worldwide have relied on Talend’s enterprise-ready solutions and services to help unlock business value more quickly. Privately-held and headquartered in Redwood City, CA, the company has offices in North America, Europe and Asia, along with a global network of technical and services partners.

"Jobvite’s not just about posting jobs — while that’s certainly a part of it, the data, reporting and other features are valuable throughout the whole recruiting funnel."

Jon Stanners
Global Talent Acquisition and Brand Manager, Talend

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