Trek Increases Candidate Experience and Recruiter Efficiency with Intelligent Messaging


Emails to candidates often get lost

People are inundated with emails and are starting to ignore or lose track of them. Trek’s retail recruiting team struggled with lack of candidate response to their emails.


Intelligent Messaging:

Trek’s retail recruiting team began texting active candidates for quicker communication and coordination during the hiring process.


100% candidate response rate to text messages

Trek dramatically improved its candidate response rate by communicating with active retail candidates via text.



Business is booming for the retail arm of Trek Bicycle Corporation—and that means hiring is a priority. Yet with only two people working to fill 100+ roles at any given time across North America, Trek’s retail recruiting team relies on innovative tools to help them quickly connect with candidates at scale.

Email isn’t always the optimal choice

For Storm Schmitt, one of Trek’s recruiters, that quick connection is critical when dealing with specific candidates and positions. “We need to hire fast,” he says, “so it’s frustrating when we email a candidate, and we don’t hear back. We can’t wait around for days.”

The problem, of course, is that the candidates Trek’s retail stores are seeking don’t always check email frequently. “We’re talking about people who are busy at work, selling on the store floor and managing people,” Schmitt explains. “They’re not sitting at computers all day.” Infrequent or inaccessible email access then leads to flooded inboxes—so emails sent by the recruiting team can easily get lost or buried.

“We weren’t sure we were taking the best approach with our candidates,” Schmitt states. “We wanted to deliver an experience that met their needs as well as our own.” That meant communicating in a way that was more convenient for people who are mobile.

We need to hire fast, so it’s frustrating when we email a candidate, and we don’t hear back.

— Storm Schmitt, Recruiter at Trek

Intelligent Messaging closes the communication gaps to make hiring faster and easier for everyone

These days, most on-the-go job seekers do have one thing in common: They all use mobile devices. Trek’s recruiters knew that if email communication got lost, a more instantaneous and interactive technology—like texting— might do the trick. Fortunately, Trek’s recruiting team found Intelligent Messaging delivered all the right the features.

Instead of waiting for candidates to respond to emails, Trek’s recruiting team began texting instead, using Intelligent Messaging to coordinate candidate interview times, to ask quick questions about a candidate’s application, and to let candidates know when an offer letter had been sent. And the results have been impressive. In fact, Trek now reports a 100% response rate using Intelligent Messaging to communicate with candidates.

Schmitt attributes this turnaround to the fact that texting is often faster and easier for today’s on-the-go candidates. “They might not have laptops accessible,” says Schmitt, “but they always have their mobile devices handy. And texting is just better at prompting candidates for an immediate response.”


Case Point: Schmitt recently texted a candidate that her offer letter had just been sent by email. The candidate responded right away to Schmitt’s text confirming receipt. Later that night, while Schmitt was home making dinner, the candidate texted him a question about the offer. Schmitt saw the notification on his mobile device and responded to the candidate with the answer. Within minutes, the candidate texted Schmitt back accepting the offer.

Clearly, texting is accelerating Trek’s hiring process. “And I love that the Intelligent Messaging mobile app lets me multi-task and recruit from anywhere,” says Schmitt. “I don’t need to be in the office, and I don’t have to use my personal mobile device.”

Schmitt says candidates also love that Trek uses texting because it improves their whole job seeking experience. “As a recruiter, I always want to provide a great candidate experience, so those are magic words to me,” he says. “I often receive compliments from candidates that I am quick to respond and I’m always there for them. Intelligent Messaging enables this for me like no other tool. I don’t know how I did my job without it.”

I often receive compliments from candidates that I am quick to respond and I’m always there for them. Intelligent Messaging enables this for me like no other tool. I don’t know how I did my job without it.

— Storm Schmitt, Recruiter at Trek


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Jeremy Ryder - Talent Acquisition Manager at Trek Bicycles
Jeremy Ryder
Talent Acquisition Manager, Trek Bikes

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