Jobvite Helps Trek Bikes Ride into Recruiting Success


Established Brand Looking to Attract Diverse Talent

Growing Trek Bikes as a passionate leader in bike industry required the HR team to find new ways to attract top talent in a diverse set of roles.


Jobvite Talent Acquisition Suite

Utilizing the Jobvite Talent Acquisition Suite, Trek was able to seamlessly convey the Trek culture and experience at every point of the talent pipeline.


Decreased Time-to-Hire and Increased Efficiency with a Cohesive Message

By leveraging powerful tools within Jobvite, Trek’s recruiting team was able to cut their time-to-hire in half and transform their internal approach to candidate messaging.



Unique, Growing Brand Without the Tools to Share Their Mission

Sometimes the most simple solutions can positively impact the most complex problems. Trek Bikes is a bicycle company that manufactures and sells a large diversity of bikes, but at it’s core is a mission that speaks larger. Trek strongly believes that a casual bike ride or a serious cycling adventure can truly help create a healthier and better lifestyle for the company’s many riders.

In spreading this mission, Trek Bikes hires people that can both embody and empower this perspective in a wide range of fields, from design and engineering to manufacturing and retail. Jeremy Ryder, Talent Acquisition Manager at Trek Bikes, has always had to look at the big picture for his team, re-evaluating the ways the Trek family tells their story to new candidates and the tools they use to help accomplish their goals. The result? Jeremy realized the need for creating a great customer experience for all applicants to Trek’s recruitment process, making hiring a positive experience for both sides of the equation.

When Ryder first began working at Trek, the hiring team was already using Jobvite — but the contract was soon expiring. He investigated other applicant tracking software (ATS) options, but after extensive research, Ryder decided to remain loyal to Jobvite as the only platform that offered a wide range of tools and customization for an affordable cost.

Moving into 2017, Jeremy faced a unique recruiting challenge –– how to hire for two very different sets of roles with the same set of tools. Trek hires both corporate positions and staffs retail stores located throughout the US, positions that have a diverse range of candidate pools, messaging, and types of talent needed.

Transforming the Talent Pipeline from Strategy to Execution

Leveraging the Jobvite platform, Trek has fully transformed the way they were able to showcase the company’s brand and convey its story across career website, social networks, job applications platforms and open positions. “Part of what the Jobvite tools offer is consistency across the board — the flexibility to hire at any level,” says Ryder. “Being able to tailor the approach from a marketing and description perspective whilst keeping the branding consistent offers us a new way to tell our story.”

While big-picture goals like increased brand awareness and storytelling were high priority for Ryder and his team, the Jobvite platform was also able to boost efficiency and decrease workload for the day-to-day recruiting projects — an equally important metric in terms of keeping the team on task.

Having everything on one proven system makes our lives much easier and the efficiency on our behalf makes it a better experience for everyone involved,” explains Ryder. “Being able to schedule an array of interviews, customize verbiage to hiring managers, and send invites to candidates streamlines our whole process. The customization tools allow us to manipulate the platform to fit our needs — in the click of four buttons we’re able to complete complex tasks.”

Part of the Trek journey of enhancing their recruitment process was learning to utilize the diverse range of tools offered within the Jobvite solution. Once the team realized the variety of features that existed on the platform — and how to incorporate them into the recruitment process — they were able to make their recruiting efforts more effective.

“Our original workflow was very slow and cumbersome, which required us to switch back and forth between Outlook, Jobvite, and other third party tools,” says Ryder. “We now are able to track, measure, and analyze data, automate various actions like verifying documents, and utilize the pipeline tool to source and develop internally.”

Illustrative of this new-found organization and process is Trek’s recent intern interview round. The team faced 350 applicants for just 30 intern spots, but being able to quickly decide who they wanted to move through the pipeline — particularly using Jobvite Video interviewing — made the entire process more efficient.

Customized Recruiting to Create an Inclusive Message

Outside of the branding, productivity, and process success, Trek has seen major wins in its time-to-hire metric. What had remained stagnant for five years was quickly cut in half, thanks to Jobvite in 2016.

“The ability to automate time consuming tasks alone has been an absolute life saver, “ says Ryder. “Last week we did 40 offers in one week –– thus 40 rounds of onboarding and background checks. If this had happened last summer, without the capabilities within Jobvite that we have now, we would have failed. As we continue to scale, the needs of our recruiting team will only grow, so it’s vital that we are able to be efficient whilst still hiring the right people to support our mission.”

Being able to efficiently conquer the recruitment process opened up new areas for the Trek team to grow and explore.

“The key unexpected benefit we’ve gotten from Jobvite is the flexibility and customization of the tool itself,” Ryder says. “If we see an opportunity to quickly make a change that will add value for our candidates or hiring managers, we can put it into play right away. We’re able to continually improve what we do everyday.”

As they look to future growth, Trek Bikes is utilizing Jobvite in a way that truly transforms the transparency and perspective the company puts into the hiring process — and the work they do as a whole, as they expand their mission.

“The ways we’ve been using Jobvite have changed the way we see what we do. Jobvite has allowed us to be mindful of the copy we use, the pictures, the way we tell our story and how we can convey an inclusive work environment,” said Ryder. “We realized people were self-selecting out of the application process, so we invested in a solution that allows us to be mindful in telling the story — the way we want to. We want to convey a company culture that doesn't revolve around the need to be a cyclist or bike enthusiast, but to find people that want to be a kickass member of our team and of the world.”

About Trek Bikes

Headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek Bicycle Corporation is a global leader in bicycle design and manufacturing. From the original hand-built steel touring frames introduced in 1976 to the revolutionary OCLV Carbon first introduced in 1992, Trek’s passion for innovation, quality, and performance leads the industry with next-generation thinking and cutting-edge technology. Today, with a broad range of bicycles and cycling products under the Trek, Gary Fisher, Bontrager brand names, Trek continues to pursue new ways to bring the joy of cycling to all people.

To hear more about how Jeremy Ryder, Recruiting Manager at Trek Bikes recruits for talent, and his tips and tricks for other talent acquisition leaders, check out the Video here.


"Part of what the Jobvite tools offer is consistency across the board — the flexibility to hire at any level"

Jeremy Ryder - Talent Acquisition Manager at Trek Bicycles
Jeremy Ryder
Talent Acquisition Manager, Trek Bikes

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